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Subject:Re: Doubt in Redirecting
From:Nava nethan (
Date:Dec 24, 2007 11:48:03 pm

Thanks . But its Not enough for me.

My real time need is :

My site i am having 10 resources.

Here if i click 1st resource link then it will take into 1st resource. Here if i click 2st resource link then it will take into 2st resource.

i need the else part is a dynamic one. How can do this ?? is there any possiblity to using History.go(-1).

Help this case.

Regards, Navanethan

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Hello Nava nethan,

<?php if (!isset($_COOKIE['user_id'])) {         header('Location: /User/register');} else {

        header('Location: /User/welcome');}


Best regards,

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Hi All,

I  have a doubt with Redirecting. I am using PHP with mysql. My Need is :                  If i click the link then it check the cookies user id stored or not ? If cookie stored user_id from the database then rediredt into the page. oterwise redirect into Registration page, after got register then move into the page. :)

How can i do this  ??

Help me.

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