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Christian JarhultAug 25, 2008 12:01 pm 
Subject:Re: Why don`t actvatly on Element that other javascript script generated?
From:Christian Jarhult (
Date:Aug 25, 2008 12:01:43 pm

ie7-js doesn't affect asynchronous contents. To manage documents that change after load you need the recalc package, which is an addon to ie7-js. To include it, add this line right after the insertion of IE8.js (or IE7.js), within the conditional comment:

<script type=text/javascript src=""></script>

Then, after you have inserted new HTML into your document via prototype AJAX make the following call:

if (document.recalc) document.recalc();

This will re-apply ie7-js to the document, including the newly created elements. Note that recalc still is beta and yet unfixed issues have been reported.

Ha de gött, /C#

2008/8/6 SGcom <>

Hi All. ^^ long time no see.

I used the IE8.js and prototype.js. through prototype AJAX method, I loaded some HTML element. then insert in document. But, IE8 not apply CSS property,psuedo class on dynamic loaded HTMLelement.