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Subject:[jruby-user] [ANN] BlissMessage - iPhone text messaging
From:Christian Seiler (
Date:Aug 21, 2009 1:49:40 pm


Since Charles told me on IRC that it's OK to promote JRuby sites on the ML, here I go: BlissMessage is an iPhone app which lets you send free text messages from your iPhone to other iPhone users and from the web to iPhones as well. It leverages push notifications for instant delivery of messages. While the basic use case is sending free text messages to other users, you can also get notified about your Twitter replies and mentions (if you enter your Twitter name in the profile).

So much for the self-promotion. Technically speaking the server-side app is mainly a Rails app deployed on JRuby-Rack and Jetty behind NGINX. I have my home-grown little Ruby script to fire up Jetty (no war but capistrano-based deployment). It also uses the JMS capabilities offered by JRuby-Rack for some backend-processing of the messages. ActiveMQ is embedded as well (currently everything is in a single JVM). The iPhone app communicates with the server in a RESTful way. Rails runs MT (config.threadsafe!). JRuby 1.3.1, Java 1.6, Linux.

My reasons to use JRuby: - easy and performant integration of mature MQ technologies (ActiveMQ) - if I need to write some high-performance code I can fall back to Java rather than C

web link:

iTunes link:

I'd love to get some feedback, I guess there are some iPhone users around!

- Christian