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Subject:PEAR Bug Summary Report
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Date:Jul 1, 2007 1:42:06 am

PEAR Bug Database summary -

ID Status Summary (902 total) ===============================================[Archive_Tar]================== 4013 Open Ignoring files and directories on creating an archive.. 9520 Open Doesn't allow in-memory manipulation of tar files. 10145 Open Patch to return a Pear Error Object on failure. 10589 Open Patch: allows to exclude files/directories when an archive is
created. 11258 Open Custom date/time in files added on-the-fly. ===============================================[Archive_Zip]================== 11083 Open Provide a driver based solution to zip archive management. ===============================================[Auth]========================= 2765 Open Persistent cookies. 9277 Open md5 salts. 11396 Open Auth_Container_Pear doesn't work. 11476 Open Wrong usage of options in SOAP5 container: _validateOptions and
_setDefaults. ===============================================[Auth_HTTP]==================== 7655 Open Suggested Adjustments to Documentation. 10006 Open Login screen keeps poping-up. 10893 Open PEAR installation crashes. ===============================================[Auth_PrefManager2]============ 2067 Assigned Documentation needed. 2885 Open Array Container is invalid. 2886 Open Easily retrieve Option defined. 6325 Open add MDB2. ===============================================[Auth_SASL]==================== 2904 Assigned Stateful version of DigestMD5 for realm negotiation. 7185 Open use the PECL Auth_SASL to support additional auth mechanisms. ===============================================[Cache]======================== 11225 Open Garbage collection Container_file improvement. 11226 Open Proposal for memcached container driver. 11227 Open php_mode variant of Container_file. ===============================================[Cache_Lite]=================== 8226 Assigned E_STRICT related to PHP5. 9480 Open Aquiring the cache expiry date. 9836 Open fread() in _read function malfunctioning. 10502 Open Cache_Lite_Function::call should accept standard callbacks as 1st
argument. 10923 Open Storage Containers. 11224 Open Implicit type conversion => too much cache is flushed?!. 11260 Open possible misstyped property. ===============================================[Calendar]===================== 2630 Open Add fetchWeek method to year and month class. 2642 Open Add isToday method to Calendar_Month_*. ===============================================[CodeGen_PECL]================= 10613 Assigned patches to add a attribute 'throws' to a function element. ===============================================[Config]======================= 11435 Open IniFile and IniCommented do not correctly quote some characters. ===============================================[Console_Getargs]============== 9583 Open Console Args isDefined not working correctly. 10988 Open Allow accumulating unknown options as parameters. ===============================================[Console_ProgressBar]========== 10881 Open Determine width automatically from $_ENV variables. ===============================================[Console_Table]================ 11326 Open col and rowspan. ===============================================[Contact_Vcard_Build]========== 11140 Assigned validateParam throws error. 11188 Feedback Add function addCellphone(). ===============================================[Contact_Vcard_Parse]========== 7763 Open Try to import vCard apples pre-populates with its addressbook and does
not work. 9906 Open decode base64 encoded data. ===============================================[Crypt_Blowfish]=============== 9638 Open Double calls to decrypt() method with same key do not reinitialize the
_P array. 10162 Open Algorithm does not work correctly on a Linux server. ===============================================[Crypt_HMAC]=================== 7490 Open setFunction() after setKey() breaks for keys requiring hashing. 7807 Open Binary ouput. ===============================================[Crypt_RC4]==================== 2413 Open $key doesn't work. 4177 Open RC4 doesn't work - outputs some junk. ===============================================[Crypt_RSA]==================== 6984 Open Use of __FILE__ within require. 7231 Open OpenSSL backend. 7252 Open Error in ASN.1 decoding. 7253 Open DocBlock correction. 7254 Open Notice error output. 7257 Open PEM file encryption. 7271 Open fromString not returning PEAR_Error on error. 9876 Open Overlapping of encrypted data. 10701 Open Key pair generation fails when using bcmath. ===============================================[Crypt_Xtea]=================== 2474 Open PHP 5.02 forces update. 8586 Open patch to improve the Xtea algorithm performance. ===============================================[Date]========================= 2378 Analyzed getDate(DATE_FORMAT_UNIXTIME) doesn't convert to GMT. 7439 Assigned US/Indiana Daylight Savings Change. 9700 Open Incorrect timestamps allowd. 9732 Verified Wrong result from NWeekdayOfMonth!. 9802 Open Documentation missing. 10349 Open Wrong offset in timezones. 10591 Open inDaylightTime fails. 10946 Open Date_Calc::dateFormat should default to DATE_CALC_FORMAT. 11003 Open Date_Calc:gregorianToISO() method ignores DATE_CALC_BEGIN_WEEKDAY
option. 11090 Open microtime is not set by default constructor. 11313 Open DST time change not handled correctly. 11475 Open Date::copy don't copy milisecond part. ===============================================[Date_Holidays]================ 10221 Assigned Easier language selection. 10222 Assigned Method to retrieve translation charset missing. ===============================================[DB_ado]======================= 4704 Open date conversion not localized. 7589 Open connect() alwasy return an error. ===============================================[DB_DataObject]================ 3255 Feedback Set Id for new objects. 3256 Verified Allow custom file and class naming conventions. 3295 Verified docs need to explain how to update with multiple keys. 3425 Verified Delete + Inner Join. 3640 Verified calling serialize on the DB object causes a disconnect. 3734 Verified Extra ON clause with joinAdd. 3765 Verified Database prefixes in auto generated classes. 3773 Verified Re: [PEAR-BUG] Bug #3773 [Ctl->Fbk]: PostgreSQL SERIAL type not
supported. 4289 Feedback Can't automatically link tables from different databases. 4306 Verified No way to specify logic condition in nested joinAdd and whereAdd. 4713 Verified builde sql use prepare feature. 4824 Feedback Auto-validate field length. 5247 Feedback User editable primary keys. 5674 Feedback Error levels are confusing. 5790 Open Automatically determine insert/update for an object. 5997 Open getlinks on multible column keys. 6202 Open getLinkArray() missing. 6264 Feedback Find() clears all variables, also when overriding in a superclass. 6382 Feedback Allow for DB_DataObject extensions. 6492 Feedback UTF8 encoded Database data. 6555 Open Can't update register with id 0. 6946 Open Mysqli SSL Documentation Request. 7078 Feedback return numrows on $p->query($query);. 7590 Feedback UNIONS. 7949 Open ability to select a schema with Generator. 8092 Open The fourth parameter of joinAdd() (DB_DataObject). 8122 Feedback (Patch) Typo in Generator.php leads to wrong sequence key. 8209 Open Upgrade from 1.8.3 to 1.8.4 breaks joins. 9076 Open Fetch a specific row. 9140 Verified quote_identifiers = 1 doesn't work for orderBy. 9364 Feedback DataObjects PostgreSQL Native Sequence. 9389 Open JoinAdd / SelectAs overwriting each other. 9644 Feedback Use of undefined constant DB_DEFAULT_MODE. 9658 Feedback Generator does not recognize mysql DECIMAL type. 9793 Open Documentation for Generator missing. 9794 Open setting options under DB_DataObject_Generator in ini doesn't work. 9902 Open Database connections are not stored by reference in global variable. 9910 Analyzed Custom connection support. 9949 Verified Transaction support. 10005 Feedback MSSQL-problem finding table with quote_identifiers = 1. 10110 Feedback How I can select rows with "not null" values?. 10229 Feedback Improved PHP 4 handling in generator. 10326 Feedback Update on record using update($orignal) method with null values
inserts 0's. 10606 Feedback Fetch doesn't find data when results<limit. 10858 Open joinAdd function. 11081 Open Support for createTables on Postgres with views in schema. 11091 Open quote_identifiers Config setting ignored in count. 11103 Open Have access to the actual SQL query performed. 11104 Open Have access to the actual SQL query performed. 11154 Open Incomplete documentation. 11483 Verified DB_DataObject_Generator kills my DataobjectClass. ===============================================[DB_DataObject_FormBuilder]==== 3288 Open New Boolean issue.. 3755 Open Add Field Type = SET. 4041 Open crossLinkExtraFields for multi-select forms. 4187 Open fieldLabels postfix/prefix. 5202 Open Option for converting empty strings to NULL?. 5471 Feedback getValidationErrors(). 5964 Open Domain support. 5992 Open Support for defining field label as array. 6638 Open crossLinkExtraFields can't be required. 6733 Assigned Optimise queries for linked tables. 7181 Feedback ability to change values on submitted form. 7447 Open a hideElements method would be great. ===============================================[DB_ldap]====================== 1863 Open Cannot connect using "ldaps" protocol. 1963 Open How to compare password. 3463 Open query disregards parameters. 4884 Open Fix for version 3 DB_ldap. 5215 Open fetchRow does not return null anymore. 5459 Open Return-by-reference errors. 5542 Open mis-quoted when bind a string variable. ===============================================[DB_ldap2]===================== 3746 Open DB::assertExtension() not available anymore. ===============================================[DB_NestedSet]================= 9890 Assigned dirname(__FILE__) should not be used for include/require. ===============================================[DB_Table]===================== 2842 Assigned autodrop sequencing table - w/ patch. 8760 Assigned Insert only if row doesn't exist. 11278 Assigned Need a method to drop exist columns in DB_Table_Manager class. 11298 Open Ability to mark columns as ignored. ===============================================[Documentation]================ 2390 Open RSS Feed for PEAR Documentation Index. 3836 Open Coding standards overlook topics. 6241 Open Windows HTML compiled PEAR documentation has wrong encoding in
Russian. 9931 Assigned a typo correction and several minor and severe translation
corrections. 10028 Open Misleading/Incorrect Description of indentation style. 10333 Open new FAQ entry needed. 10442 Open Section about roles for package.xml 2.0 hard to navigate and
confusing. 11155 Open Use entities for URLs, correct moved URLs. 11197 Open Find a way to get more than three nesting levels. 11198 Open Put RFCs into documentation. 11250 Open Need to update package-info parameters for replacement tasks. 11376 Open Instalation. ===============================================[Event_Dispatcher]============= 7459 Open Add support for filtering notifications by class hierarchy rather than
name. 7939 Open Inheritance of Event_Dispatcher. ===============================================[File]========================= 2798 Open function for human readable filesize conversion. 3935 Assigned File_CSV::read should optionally ignore field count. 5652 Assigned Static $config causes error with several CSV-objects. 6166 Open Lack of information. 7742 Open CSV string parsing. ===============================================[File_Archive]================= 5566 Open Patch to support reading JAR archives. 5590 Assigned dead link. 5792 Open Package needs to provide more meaningful errors. 6387 Open Unable to open zip files created on a PC. 6546 Assigned File added twice. 6631 Open Where is an tutorial. 9676 Open Problem ready Max Archive Files. 10144 Open long filenames are not stored correctly. 10219 Open Not any Archive inside an archive wont be recognises while
extracting. ===============================================[File_DICOM]=================== 9865 Open error with parse function. ===============================================[File_DNS]===================== 4528 Assigned GenerateZone uses fixed order in associative array. 6275 Assigned Added features/Patch. 8487 Assigned $ORIGIN not honoured in SOA records. ===============================================[File_Find]==================== 7966 Open File_Find Stream Support. ===============================================[File_Gettext]================= 6411 Open Various fixes to regexes. ===============================================[File_Ogg]===================== 9724 Open To remove round() in Vorbis stream length calculation. ===============================================[File_PDF]===================== 11089 Feedback addFont error. ===============================================[File_SearchReplace]=========== 2707 Open Search without Replace. ===============================================[HTML_AJAX]==================== 9434 Assigned callback as closures. 10939 Open Pull Opera proxy code out into its own class. 10940 Open Refactor JavaScript generation code. 10941 Open Unit Tests for Class HTML_AJAX. 10942 Open Optional Support for Auto Charset Conversion. ===============================================[HTML_BBCodeParser]============ 1512 Open URL Tags Allow Javascript injection. 4936 Open Nested URLs in quotes not handled. 5844 Open Extending HTML_BBCodeParser class does not work. 7230 Open doesn't like base64.... 10513 Open New BBCode format not accounted for?. 11370 Open img don't like '='. 11399 Open img tags don't work. 11400 Open Lists start with an empty listitem. ===============================================[HTML_Common2]================= 11209 Open Make options's visibility protected. ===============================================[HTML_Page2]=================== 3204 Assigned Adding Raw entries to the Header. 5177 Assigned CSS declarations and CSS stylesheets should be rendered in the
given order. ===============================================[HTML_QuickForm]=============== 210 Assigned Object and ObjectFlexy renderers are not documented. 211 Assigned No documentation for Rule infrastructure. 2637 Verified Bug in example (required fields) HTML_QuickForm. 8195 Open MAX_FILE_SIZE in wrong place. 10139 Verified Hierselect doesn't show subselect values.. ===============================================[HTML_QuickForm2]============== 2535 Open Getting a list of element names and their rules. 3980 Open spin button element. 4061 Open Support max/min hours in time controls. 4268 Open Use of strspn() and strcspn() functions. 4534 Open QuickForm + "soft" rules.. 4697 Open addRule() - word count. 4728 Open Range rule update. 5128 Open html attribute access to labels. 5308 Open Javascript Validation with Ajax. 5558 Analyzed Use setlocale to determine language. 5957 Open date Element: offer only a range of months. 6802 Open added rule -> heirselect. 7432 Analyzed Client side validation. 8060 Open HTML_QuickForm_select -> loadDbResult Support MDB2. 8318 Open new feature using validate_ptBR. 8626 Open new subtype: ximage for <img ....>. 8678 Open Add multiple select with two list. 9097 Open option to execute rules even when element values are empty. 9116 Open Default rendering - XHTML/CSS instead of Tables. 9922 Open YUI Autocomplete form element type. 9942 Open Implement a setSeperator()-method. 10191 Open [patch] add disabled/class methods to HTML_QuickForm_element. 10193 Open [patch] add addOptionalElement() to HTML_Quickform. 10461 Open Redo the way the validation is done. 10617 Open Filter optional parameters. ===============================================[HTML_QuickForm_altselect]===== 10102 Verified Can not set individual attributes. 10698 Open function setSlave($master_elemet, $master_value, $slave_element). ===============================================[HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA]======= 10042 Open Suggestion for new users. 10727 Open Colorfull captcha. ===============================================[HTML_QuickForm_Livesearch]==== 10835 Verified Error in example code. ===============================================[HTML_QuickForm_SelectFilter]== 4566 Open Add short delay before applying filter. ===============================================[HTML_Safe]==================== 7027 Open Whitelisting of HTML elements. 7424 Assigned a+b-c parses to ac. 9733 Open Security hole. ===============================================[HTML_Select]================== 1749 Feedback Add support for <optgroup> element for multi-level arrays. ===============================================[HTML_Table_Matrix]============ 5249 Open More filler classes. 6035 Open A bug in filling table. ===============================================[HTML_TagCloud]================ 10569 Assigned Notice on line 401 running example2.php. ===============================================[HTML_Template_Flexy]========== 1138 Verified Request flexy:while attribute. 1247 Assigned Some new feature request (Docs missing - toJavascript etc.). 1351 Verified Complex arguments. 1974 Verified IF conditions like x=="a". 2258 Verified can not specify Translation2 option parameters. 2304 Verified Need minor global changes to documentation. 2655 Verified Sub variable in the variable. 2997 Assigned Request: Flexy - custom tag handler. 3024 Verified [DOC] - note that foreach scopes differently than PHP. 4298 Verified Fancy HTML stuff needs documenting.. (Request for HTML attributes
with no value). 4405 Open Patch to allow overriding variable names in included templates. 6212 Verified can't use foreach with a method call. 6799 Verified overzealous quoting of strings. 7609 Open individual compilers required. 7620 Feedback Flexy compiler tries to write out of copiled dir. 7867 Open Select multiple with multiples options selected. 8064 Verified toJavascript deletes javascript. 9591 Open a patch to allow radiobuttons not to have id. 9717 Feedback Does not work under safe mode. 10123 Analyzed Multiple indirection, i.e. a.b().c() etc. 10248 Open Additional Flexy Attributes. 10830 Open *.gettext.serial string extraction not complete. ===============================================[HTML_Template_IT]============= 9753 Assigned Template rendering fails silently if invalid root supplied. 11468 Open Need PHP5 complaint Class. ===============================================[HTML_TreeMenu]================ 5596 Open <noscript> version of the tree in toHTML(). 7324 Open Problem using together with XMLRPC. 9615 Feedback Bug with collapsed icon. 9750 Open Using "kriesing" tree type the "nodeOptions" paramether is not
working.. ===============================================[HTTP]========================= 7891 Assigned Remote address method. 9148 Open new negotiateCharset function. 11060 Open Negotiate Content functionality. ===============================================[HTTP_FloodControl]============ 10786 Open Invalid install directory. ===============================================[HTTP_Request]================= 5022 Open Non-Blocking Requests not support. 5463 Open CURL support. 5735 Open No "true" timeout exists. 7630 Analyzed Listener on data submit (file upload). 7633 Analyzed 'sentRequest' notification. 7691 Open Timeout values conflict max_execution_time. 8964 Open readTimeout isn't working as it should. 9829 Open Support for limiting the size of the response body. 11246 Analyzed Problem with deflate encoding. ===============================================[HTTP_Session2]================ 6301 Open Undefined index: __HTTP_Session2_Idle. 6302 Open missing function useTransSID. 6449 Open Undefined variable warning. 6553 Open PDO Driver. 7279 Open Error in example file. ===============================================[HTTP_Upload]================== 2099 Verified Internationalised Error Strings. 2487 Feedback add a getValidExtensions() or appendValidExtension(). 7583 Analyzed New release needed. 7861 Analyzed Filenames with spaces in them get their names changed when being
moved. 10769 Open Err: NO_USER_FILE instead of TOO_LARGE. ===============================================[HTTP_WebDAV_Client]=========== 4225 Open Documentation and test script request. 9816 Open RFC 3744 WebDAV Access Control Protocol. ===============================================[HTTP_WebDAV_Server]=========== 1949 Assigned $_prop_encoding not used for $file['path']. 4971 Assigned function _urlencode() insufficient for international file names. 5363 Feedback 401 in response to OPTIONS request. 5681 Assigned Can't handle file names with slashes and backslashes. 6189 Assigned Various international filename issues. 8829 Assigned COPY does not allow Multi Status response. 10238 Open DELETE method in Filesystem.php breaks when path contains space
character. 10922 Open Problems accessing the test server from many webdav clients. 11069 Open download broken if mbstring.func_overload & 2 and utf-8 charset. 11070 Open broken GET with mbstring.func_overload & 2. 11390 Open Inflexible PROPFIND results. ===============================================[I18Nv2]======================= 4269 Open Retrieving predefined groups. 4271 Open 2-Level lists and Regions. 5256 Assigned No way to fetch all matching languages. 7885 Open Get / handle language info. 10369 Open Add support for multiple locales. 10371 Open Enhance fallback for I18Nv2::setLocale(). ===============================================[I18N_UnicodeString]=========== 10572 Open stringReplace does infinite loop. ===============================================[Image_3D]===================== 10228 Open Add blender-file import support. ===============================================[Image_Barcode]================ 10594 Open $bSendToBrowser - "Only variable references should be returned by
reference". ===============================================[Image_Color]================== 3093 Open improve readability with a new 'range' method. ===============================================[Image_GIS]==================== 3094 Open $this->table attribute acces. 9545 Open Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
[...]GIS.php. ===============================================[Image_Graph]================== 4785 Open More descriptive error messages, use PEAR_Error or Exceptions. 5422 Open Image_Graph_Plot_Cross_Reference type.. 5429 Assigned When Axis location is moved Graph does not move approriately. 5971 Assigned Image_Graph_Axis_Category does not undersand levels. 7423 Open No bar for datasets with single value. 8049 Open Timeout when range in ODO graph is smaller than some value. 8055 Open No Legend with Pie Charts. 8199 Open Datapreprocessor and ForceMaximum. 8675 Open Angled Text Intersects the graph. 9031 Open Umlaute not working with ttf fonts. 9054 Open php pear GB2312 error. 9068 Open forceMaximum doesn't work as expected. 9269 Open 3D Pie Chart. 10141 Open Unable to output to file. 10161 Open Different behaviour with bar graphs in 0.7.1 and 0.7.2. 11283 Open Odometer image always blank. 11284 Open 'line_grid' on SECONDARY Y AXIS. ===============================================[Image_GraphViz]=============== 4924 Open Links in record type nodes do not work. 4972 Feedback Undefined variable if $fp not a valid resource. 6630 Open Multiple edges between 2 nodes. 8295 Open One path to binaries. 8380 Open Use readfile instead of fread and echo. 10753 Open GraphViz PEAR does not handle properly non oriented graph. ===============================================[Image_IPTC]=================== 5276 Open Add function to get all tags with both key and value. 5277 Open function to parse iptc block instead of filename. ===============================================[Image_Puzzle]================= 11264 Open Documentation is missing. ===============================================[Image_Remote]================= 6356 Open Cannot re-assign $this. ===============================================[Image_Text]=================== 2449 Open Change color of text by word. 2450 Open Drop Shadows. 7355 Feedback Unicode in Image / Texts. ===============================================[Image_Transform]============== 2101 Assigned IM Driver uses unrecognized -flatten option when saving images. 5047 Open GD driver addition: applyBorderImage() function. 5984 Open Cropping GIF-images. 6846 Open New filter needed. 7163 Open IM: scaling image 2 times not allowed even if intermediate save is
used. 7405 Open Enhanced fit() function. 7412 Open Need function which returns image content. 7667 Open commandline imagick fails with crop and resize. 9333 Open Add flatten() method to Imagick2 driver. 11193 Open More functions added. ===============================================[LiveUser]===================== 7778 Feedback add possibility to check supported encryption mode. 9290 Feedback onIdled, postIdled, onExpired, postExpired. 9517 Assigned Config Parameter permContainer=>storage=>PDO=>prefix doesn't work. 9706 Open PDO Storage Module Incomplete. 10711 Open prefix not working in MDB2. ===============================================[LiveUser_Admin]=============== 7041 Analyzed getRights() on an unassigned group returns nothing. 11432 Open Adding User on Multiple containers. ===============================================[Log]========================== 11189 Feedback error with win logger. ===============================================[Mail]========================= 5017 Open Set envelope sender. 5388 Open SMTPMX: MX baseddirect delivery. 6023 Open parseAddressList doesn't support new IDN names. 8724 Open _sanitizeHeaders removes boundary. 8818 Open Request Option to suppress email address validation (allow RFC OK
fringe cases). 9137 Open _hasUnclosedQuotes() doesn't properly handle a double slash before an
end quote. 9322 Open SSL/TLS support. 9911 Open Add support for SMTP PIPELINING (RFC 2920). 10610 Open Return Path not settable. 11020 Open return path when using SMTP. 11093 Open Bump to package.xml 2.0. 11178 Open parseAddressList doesn't allow .'s in names. ===============================================[Mail_IMAPv2]================== 4551 Open message parsing fails with complex multipart/alternative structure. 6210 Open examples not in pear package. 6493 Open delete() sometimes fails without errors but delete did not occur. 7284 Open Mailbox path in manageMB(). 8328 Open Inline Parts show no Filename. 8744 Open manageMB method does not return actual result. 8828 Open parse_url crashes if password contents '/' character. ===============================================[Mail_Mime]==================== 3729 Assigned Support for signed messages. 10438 Assigned function for encoding of given string. 10884 Assigned Provide easy way to set build params. 11238 Analyzed From address encoding. ===============================================[Mail_mimeDecode]============== 2100 Open Mail_MimeDecode: doesn't decode forwarded MIME messages. 2415 Open Mail_MimeDecode: No UTF-8 decoding of header. 4585 Analyzed Mail_MimeDecode: Mime boundary regex not taking simple quotes. 4739 Open Mail_MimeDecode: d_parameters['filename'] missing. 4962 Open Mail_MimeDecode: decode impossible with thunderbird. 5122 Analyzed Mail_MimeDecode: getSendArray() returns only one of to/cc/bcc as
recipient. 5730 Open Mail_MimeDecode: Incorrect Mail decode - no body. 6495 Open Mail_mimeDecode: Some parts of body not included in decode object. 6748 Open Mail_mimeDecode: _parseHeaderValue fails on filename with quote. 7065 Open Mail_mimeDecode: Problem with long subjects. 7083 Open Mail_mimeDecode: Q-printable from TB 1.5 fails to decode. 7242 Analyzed Mail_mimeDecode: Notice: Uninitialized string offset. 7676 Analyzed Content-Type decoding isn't compliant with RFC 2045. 7699 Open mimeDecode should lowercase ctype_*. 7709 Open multipart/mixed with attachments are not decoded properly. 7875 Analyzed Impossible to extende Mail_mimeDecode. 8299 Open Library unable to process messages without body. 9100 Analyzed Error with nested boundaries where inner boundary is a subset of
the outer. 9507 Open Envelope FROM isn't decoded properly. 9616 Analyzed Failure to parse [file]name*0=x; [file]name*1=x. 11263 Assigned content disposition filename bug with apostophe. 11410 Open MMS handling. ===============================================[Mail_Queue]=================== 7850 Assigned constructor doesn't return PEAR Error Object. 8395 Open setBufferSize( $max_amount_mails + 1 ) increases performance. ===============================================[Math_Derivative]============== 10794 Open Write doc. ===============================================[Math_Polynomial]============== 7158 Open constructor improvement. ===============================================[MDB2]========================= 6907 Open PDO based drivers (was: SQLite Version 3 Support). 8413 Open ODBC driver. 8793 Open When a buffered result is used, LOBs must also be buffered. 9332 Open Customize prepared statement name. 11108 Open Consider a 'mock' driver for use in unit tests. 11204 Open Allow "unsigned" for MySQL float and decimal types. 11299 Assigned Add support for FOREIGN KEY constraints. ===============================================[MDB2_Driver_mssql]============ 4544 Feedback MSSQL fast Limit emulation. ===============================================[MDB2_Driver_mysql]============ 10937 Feedback nextID doesn't honour setDatabase. ===============================================[MDB2_Driver_oci8]============= 3660 Open Permit oci8::execute bind input/output cursor/rowid/blob/bfile
parameteres. 10969 Open MDB2_Statement_oci8::_execute() does not bind reference variables. 11311 Feedback OCI8 Driver Connection via SID. ===============================================[MDB2_Driver_pgsql]============ 7059 Open pgsql error code mapping cannot handle localized error messages. 9081 Feedback MDB2 pgsql dropDatabase issue. ===============================================[MDB2_Schema]================== 8075 Open FULLTEXT Support. 8645 Open Add support for Views. 9452 Open Table charset, collation, engine options. 10122 Assigned xinclude in schema files. ===============================================[MDB_QueryTool]================ 7642 Open Data type abstraction layer does not work not fetched results. ===============================================[MIME_Type]==================== 10568 Open Improvement on using MIME_Type class. ===============================================[MP3_ID]======================= 6784 Analyzed Problem when calculating the duration of songs. ===============================================[MP3_Id]======================= 10705 Open Fails to study MP3 files with APIC frame (cover art). 10987 Assigned ID3v2 tags are not ignored. ===============================================[MP3_IDv2]===================== 10691 Open mp3testall.php error. ===============================================[Net_Cyrus]==================== 5025 Feedback Mailboxes in a not default cyrus partition. 7666 Feedback Missing closing PHP tag. 11443 Open renameUser does not release old username properly. ===============================================[Net_DNS]====================== 9268 Open send_tcp method doesn't receive all packets. 10805 Open Invalid num values on x86_64 AMD. ===============================================[Net_FTP]====================== 6754 Open SCO Openserver matched as WINDOWS. 6806 Assigned Allow recursive up-/download with only adding newer files. 7102 Open Usage of ftp_nb_put() in FTP::put() is incredibly slow. 7146 Open Recursive mkdir fails on Windows. 7270 Open rm_dir recursive. 7527 Analyzed ls fails if there isn't a file/directory. 8102 Open Loading file extension and checking extension gives binary for ascii
files. 9611 Feedback Wrong OS determing!. 10068 Open Callback for recursive methods. 10237 Open put doesn't run ftp_alloc to allocate space. 11480 Open Extended passive mode. ===============================================[Net_FTP2]===================== 7622 Open Do we really need a new separate package?. ===============================================[Net_GameServerQuery]========== 10735 Open external documentation offline. ===============================================[Net_Geo]====================== 7924 Open Dependency on unstable package. ===============================================[Net_GeoIP]==================== 10071 Open Apache handles stacking while using SHMOP. ===============================================[Net_IDNA]===================== 6232 Open decode url with "?". 6728 Open possible encode bug. 8098 Open Cannot inherit from undefined class idna_convert. 8387 Open Problem with encode Polish letters. 10783 Open Net_IDNA::getInstance() reference notice. 10784 Open Net_IDNA::singleton() calls non-existant factory() method. ===============================================[Net_IMAP]===================== 7468 Feedback cmdAppend() adding rn to top of email msg. 8220 Feedback Append Date and Flags and BODY.PEEK. 9079 Feedback setAnnotation doesn't encode mailbox names. 9929 Assigned Echoing proto errors and others to the HTML Stream. 10509 Open getStructure($msgid) lost content-part. ===============================================[Net_LDAP]===================== 9681 Open LDIF reading and writing. 10649 Open Implement PHP5 interators for search results. 11433 Open Warning when no results returned from search. 11470 Open Schema loading error. 11471 Open please add PHP5 support for call chaining. ===============================================[Net_Monitor]================== 8310 Assigned TODO: modify Alert_Jabber to use AUTH DIGEST. ===============================================[Net_Ping]===================== 758 Assigned get notice Undefined offset: when host isnt reachable. 2559 Assigned Error handling ping output. 7735 Assigned Net_Ping suffers from many E_NOTICE errors. 8193 Assigned Wrong result on Windows. ===============================================[Net_POP3]===================== 4243 Feedback Problems assessing capabilities.. 11439 Open Headers having n instead of rn. ===============================================[Net_Server]=================== 9083 Open multiprocess not working. 10287 Open onIdle should idle regardless if incoming requests exist. ===============================================[Net_Sieve]==================== 7845 Feedback mbstring and other fixes. ===============================================[Net_SmartIRC]================= 1743 Open declare+pcntl_signal semantics cause fatal error in Net_SmartIRC. 1950 Verified Constructor calls ignore_user_abort(true) - undocumented and not
always desired. 4727 Open Regarding Examples. 5220 Open connect() returns in some situations no false. 6525 Open When joining empty channel channel array is wrong. 6650 Open Channel synching problem. 9848 Open fix for "Only variable references..." warning. 10118 Open quit command doesn't disconnect the socket. 10119 Open CTCP version reply should be fully configurable. ===============================================[Net_SMPP]===================== 5912 Open Wrong TLV definition for sc_interface_version. 9492 Open enquire_link. ===============================================[Net_SMPP_Client]============== 10397 Open Addition: query_sm / query_sm_resp support. ===============================================[Net_Socket]=================== 5801 Open newer features are not docummented. 7190 Verified Stream options don't work in PHP5. ===============================================[Net_Traceroute]=============== 1128 Feedback Undefined offset in $tempparts array, _parseResultWindows. 5665 Open Improved _parseResult...() using RegExp. ===============================================[Net_URL2]===================== 4542 Open add a new api to manage anchor. 6531 Open add "resolve path" option to getURL method. 7538 Open URLs without "http" confuse Net_URL. 8633 Open Add multple query strings. ===============================================[Net_UserAgent_Detect]========= 7466 Feedback Safari + IE7 detection. ===============================================[Net_UserAgent_Mobile]========= 10143 Open If I can't use PEAR then I can't find files.. ===============================================[Net_Whois]==================== 4017 Open Add lookup of whois server per TLD. 6348 Open Using = before domain name hangs ?. 11407 Open Net_Whois depends on Net_Socket not documented. ===============================================[Numbers_Words]================ 10744 Open Docblock for getLocales() is totally wrong. ===============================================[Pager]======================== 10869 Open Reverse page count. 11239 Open allow onclick in pager links (patch included). 11294 Assigned Fatal error: Call to undefined method Pager_Sliding::build(). ===============================================[Payment_DTA]================== 4637 Open Invalid DTA File with SFIRM. ===============================================[Payment_Process]============== 3793 Open Need of a processor-independent way to enable test mode. 3818 Assigned AuthorizeNet::process() method accessing private member of
"Result" object. 3835 Open Test mode should be ON by default. 3848 Assigned AuthorizeNet doesn't map all possible values. 3875 Open Misnomer: Payment_Process_Result::validate(). 5125 Open Credit request and x_trans_key change. 5140 Open Abstract isLegitimate returns wrong message. 6982 Open AuthNet & _defaultOptions?. 8640 Open External package homepage link is 404. ===============================================[PEAR]========================= 93 Analyzed Make peardoc function for quick API checks.. 3802 Open introduce baseinstalldir="/" for special role directories. 4208 Open Add ability to migrate a package to another channel. 7838 Open Executing PEAR_ENV.reg. 10172 Assigned support using cURL/http as well as fsockopen for downloads. 10173 Open upgrade XML parser to use libxml, either xmlreader or dom. 10389 Open allow cascading registries based on include_path. 10390 Open provide a simple way to manage parent/child PEAR installations. 10391 Open Split developer-related tools into a separate package from the
installer. 10392 Open clear resolution of PEAR location (use include_path?). 10413 Open Relative paths in registry etc.. 10524 Feedback improve the efficiency of REST for
list-all/list-upgrades/remote-list. 10570 Open add ability to hold/freeze a package. 10581 Open "pear login" should be renamed "pear channel-login". 10626 Open check writability of pear directories. 10646 Open sign automatically when packaging if gnupg key set. 10663 Open run-tests to accept " -d inisetting=xxx" option. 10667 Open Allow dependencies on API. 10671 Open Default minimal validation for package.xml. 10765 Open check signature when installing/upgrading files. 10819 Feedback add sections "DONE" and "FILEEOF" to PEAR_RunTest. 10825 Open Only display the "invalid or missing package file"-error if it makes
sense. 11098 Open Creation of Installerless packages. 11101 Open Automatic creation of bundles (package + dependencies). 11117 Open Add pre-install scripts that can veto install. 11167 Assigned Add XDebug code coverage ouput. 11170 Open script to generate Command/<command>.xml. 11176 Open improve channel ... has updated its protocols message. 11190 Open Allow full Boolean operators for Dependancies. 11195 Open Install required deps by default after asking. 11212 Open allow to see what gets upgraded. 11213 Open Portage-like USE flags to automatically install optional
dependencies. 11348 Open pear package-dependencies isn't well explained. 11353 Assigned upgrade-all to upgrade within the same level. 11420 Open warning on pecl (un)install with --register-only option. 11446 Open grammar error into getDepDownloadURL of PEAR REST 1.0 and 1.3. ===============================================[pearweb]====================== 1875 Open Check condition as done. 3085 Assigned Link to package page from finished proposals. 3284 Open add statistics to PEPr. 10469 Assigned ability to edit user notes to correct errors/improve things. 10532 Open Add a pear-bugs mailing list. 10800 Assigned Copy closed tickets since last release into X roadmap. 10860 Open Roadmap Col on Bug Tracker View. 10899 Open The /news should include "Hot off the press" news. 10900 Open link developer maps from pearweb. 10903 Open Search the map for specific developer. 10943 Assigned Remove verification screen for Package leads. 10947 Open RSS feed for package bugs & comments on bugs. 10949 Open Allow preview of .tar.gz files during pepr proposal process. 10951 Assigned PEPr Activity Feed. 10954 Open Supply a default user on fresh pearweb install. 10955 Open pearweb installation script should remember your alternative DSN. 11026 Assigned Reminder for pear-group about accounts not being processed. 11044 Open Better suggestions for similar bugs/requests. 11082 Open Package Summary (Bug) Request Report. 11085 Open Add a 'bugs with patches' view. 11095 Open Update the database dump. 11096 Open Patch: Consider adding microformat information to account pages. 11118 Open List of PEAR packages should not show deprecated packages. 11156 Open Don't show PEAR Package in popular packages. 11218 Open Give unmaintained packages more visiblity. 11219 Assigned Cleaning out inactive PEPr proposals. 11222 Open The U of the Western Cape and the FSIU want to be African mirror. 11230 Open better error message when mirror not in channel.xml file. 11266 Assigned Ability to configure which bug column is shown. 11271 Open unit tests for packages.php. 11289 Open Commenting on proposals. 11293 Open Show re-upload patch warning only when patch has been submitted. 11295 Assigned Fixed in CVS does not mark a bug as closed. 11304 Open The manual should show a "deprecated" warning when the package is. 11308 Open No mail notification after package change. 11319 Open allow time range selection for download stats. 11322 Open no need to require re-upload of patch. 11350 Open Note management should not prompt the user delete notes when there
are none. 11351 Open Make the Channels UI more public. 11352 Open Don't hardcode in email addresses (specifically, channels). 11368 Open Inform package authors about new notes. 11382 Open Tell registering users they need to provide "Firstname Lastname". 11412 Open Incorrect Package Statistics for Category. 11413 Open Incorrect Package Statistics for Gtk2_ScrollingLabel. 11418 Open Undefined index "REDIRECT_URL". 11421 Assigned Developers should be able to read unconfirmed bugcomments. 11422 Open "Status: Open | Feedback | All" header not displayed when no bugs are
found. 11423 Open Comments from unconfirmed identities are shown when submitting a
similar bug.. 11426 Open mails for finished pepr proposals not sent out anymore. 11442 Open Spam protection for user notes doesn't work. 11450 Open When showing bugs by user handle, hide those. 11451 Open Your CAPTCHA "Solve problem" does not work when trying to contact
developer. 11456 Open Admin page account overview. ===============================================[pearweb_index]================ 11335 Open Unify all QA related tools and links. 11372 Open Add news (from blog) to pearweb_index. ===============================================[PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2]=========== 7264 Open Grab channel logos from channel server. 10542 Open GTK frontend disregards preferred state configuration. ===============================================[PEAR_Frontend_Web]============ 11485 Open directory separator. 11486 Open directory separator. 11487 Open recursive errors. 11488 Open config location. ===============================================[PEAR_Info]==================== 11489 Open Configuration file warning. ===============================================[PEAR_PackageFileManager]====== 10269 Open Missing documentation for subpackages. 10459 Open Introduce installexceptions for a directory. 10945 Open Ignore should take directory into consideration. 11232 Open Separate directory for filelist generators. 11481 Open PEAR_PackageFile_Parser_v1 skips single-char directories. ===============================================[PEAR_PackageFileManager_Cli]== 11341 Verified file list and edit 'screen'. 11342 Feedback 'new release' option. ===============================================[PEAR_RemoteInstaller]========= 11005 Feedback SFTP Connection not attempted with remote-install. ===============================================[PhpDocumentor]================ 4960 Open support for different encoding. 5306 Open {@inheritdoc} doesn't work with implementor of an interface. 7301 Open allow @param tag in page level docblocks. 7563 Open Improve memory usage. 10558 Assigned Extra Leading Space in Sourcode View. 10588 Open Removable line numbers option. 10640 Open split up converters into separate packages. 10750 Open Better USES/USEDBY Sorting. 10909 Assigned PHP Notice in PDF Converter line 210. 10996 Open @tests tag to show unit test coverage. 11136 Open @return should accept functions/methods/propertys. 11137 Open @uses should differ between static and object. 11139 Feedback 'located in' link to wrong file if @package differs. ===============================================[PHP_Beautifier]=============== 7305 Feedback add spaces before and after array key-value pair assignator (=>). 7309 Feedback please also recognize short open tags. 7776 Open Problem with recursivity scanning and outputing. 10019 Open switch indent. 10091 Open CS issue: throw should not have parens. 10839 Open T_CLONE and T_ARRAY formatting bugs with default filter. 11245 Open Lowercase filter prepends ' '. ===============================================[PHP_CodeSniffer]============== 11473 Open Invalid CamelCaps name when numbers used in names. ===============================================[PHP_Compat]=================== 7402 Verified Missing unit tests. 11206 Feedback clone() bug. 11461 Open Too many parameters. ===============================================[PHP_Debug]==================== 11196 Open Adding of a "DebugLine::TYPE_WARNING". 11449 Feedback Watch not working. ===============================================[PHP_Fork]===================== 5186 Open IPC Share memory segments stay resident. 9472 Assigned package not installable. ===============================================[PHP_Parser]=================== 11316 Open 'doc' will set null when an doc-comment placed before the
declaretion. ===============================================[PHP_ParserGenerator]========== 11361 Open better help message. ===============================================[PHP_Shell]==================== 8554 Open Raises Exception for Dynamically Dispatched Functions. 9556 Open curly open not recognized. ===============================================[Services_Amazon]============== 2366 Assigned proxy support needed. 5869 Open Provide access to the raw XML returned from the service. 7237 Assigned Chunked HTTP Reponse not supported. 8709 Open Can you change 'Cache' to 'Cache_Lite'. 10804 Open setLocale() and constructor bug. ===============================================[Services_Blogging]============ 10878 Open Add support for draft posts. ===============================================[Services_Delicious]=========== 8725 Open Invalid Response Code. 9634 Assigned foreach error on empty array. 10026 Open Add Support to Tag Bundles. 10062 Open getAllPosts() should be able to get a tag parameter. ===============================================[services_delicious]=========== 9703 Open ssl problem. ===============================================[Services_Ebay]================ 6718 Assigned Upgrade XML schema. ===============================================[Services_ExchangeRates]======= 4627 Assigned End-User Documentation. 6087 Assigned XML_Tree Error with Services_ExchangeRates. 6629 Assigned Currency Names not fetched when with XML_Tree-1.x.x. ===============================================[Services_Google]============== 2066 Assigned Documentation needed. 2376 Open square brackets in var names are not encoded. 3160 Open Multi language support for spelling suggestion. 5105 Open add php4 version. 11265 Open Character in the end of the file. 11285 Open Iterator iterates through to many results. 11286 Open Search should return the result. ===============================================[Services_Trackback]=========== 6989 Open method autodiscover should work for trackback url,not url.. 7142 Open Unit Tests fail. 7593 Open Notice in Services_Trackback::send(). ===============================================[Services_Weather]============= 6327 Open add MDB2. ===============================================[Services_Webservice]========== 9924 Open no BODY and HTML end tags. 9934 Open Fatal Error when using eAccelerator. ===============================================[SOAP]========================= 1312 Assigned bad XML parsing with nested arrays. 1404 Open xsd:dateTime members in complex types are serialized as xsd:string. 1701 Verified no documentation. 1927 Open SOAP-ENC:arrayType="Struct[] without namespace in SOAP_Fault
SOAP-0.8RC3. 2656 Open soap headers get clobbered in $wsdl->[bindings].... 7064 Open namespaces broken in some cases by fix for bug 4639. 7634 Open E_ERROR and E_WARNING inside SoapObject::$methodname. 7826 Feedback Missing datatype cause segmentation fault. 9538 Open Soap Client with MIME does not send MIME boundary on HTTPS. 10382 Feedback Wrong request tag generated. 10567 Open Namespace does not prefix to parameters with WSDL. 10776 Open generated WSDL not compliant with WS-I Basic Profile 1.1. 10779 Open expects xsd:types even when encoding is 'literal'. 10897 Open Returning a SOAP_Fault to a client results in an "Invalid HTTP
Response" error.. 10981 Open Request does not respect WSDL type definitions?. 11013 Open SOAP crashes php with SEGV. 11057 Open Cannot add array type attribute to SOAP_Value object. 11076 Open SOAP_Fault not generated for Fault when _defaultObjectClassname
changed. 11122 Open Slow receiving result from Server when using Transport_HTTP. 11220 Open one-way message passing doesn't work. ===============================================[Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer]===== 608 Assigned Column guts always hidden, i.e. always displayed with zero height. 944 Open repeatRow() doesn't work with IE(!) as a client. 1572 Feedback Charset support. 2010 Verified SetVersion (8) BIFF8 crashes Excel X. 2146 Open setversion(8) used with printArea crashes Excel. 2261 Open Excel 2002 crashes when use write() with @ as first value of the text. 2405 Open Text concat operator & truncate formula. 2862 Open insertBitmap scales image incorrect in Excel 2000. 2878 Open bad formulas can cause infinate loops and crash.. 2942 Open Problems with files with over 200 row / or 30kb of filesize. 3148 Open write() works incorrectly for some locales. 3171 Open Formula Parsing failing on valid formula. 3203 Open Formulas not opening properly in Excel. 4174 Open MS Outlook 2003 corrupts excel files generated by version .4 or later. 4329 Open setBgColor not working with setNumFormat?. 4665 Open Support for extended classes. 4674 Feedback open local file. 5347 Open using writeNote() causes excel crash. 5403 Open function argument descriptions inadequate. 5560 Open Add Autofilter Functionality. 6045 Feedback Not work break n or chr('0x0A') character. 6099 Feedback Worksheets are set up as references. 6108 Open error on writeString. 6179 Open Cannot create excel file larger than 2MB. 6309 Open Output with mergeCells crashes Mac Excel. 6318 Open Error found in valid excel formula. 6584 Open File cannot be accessed. File may be read-only.. 6725 Open quoted offsheet references cause stack overflow. 6909 Open Images not shown with OpenOffice 2.0. 7315 Open Freeze Panes - error with only 2 values. 7504 Verified Formulas problems. 7672 Open Page Order. 7727 Open setTempDir only sets the temp directory for some of the files. 8175 Open Error in reference with the Excel ColorIndex colors. 8191 Open use kanji sheet name and can't get correct result. 8303 Open Support for auto sizing of columns. 8323 Open setNumFormat Ignored. 8352 Open printArea and repeatColumns Trouble. 8408 Feedback Problem with foreach loop. 8515 Feedback Worksheet::setPaper - Page defaults to US letter using $size=9. 8601 Open setNumFormat() for numbers stored as text doesn't work for numbers.. 8701 Open Problems with the method setTextRotation(). 8733 Open *** ERROR IN SST ***. 8967 Open Excel XP crashes when generated worksheet have many cell merges. 9062 Open Euro does not appear correctly in formula styles. 9126 Open SetVersion(8)->setInputEncoding('windows-1250') cells with many
data,excelcrash. 9259 Open writeBlank not accepting formatting options. 9511 Open Shared /tmp dir assumed. 9516 Open Writer produces damaged XLS file. 9533 Open mbstring.func_overload breaks Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer. 9564 Open Worksheet::setColumn() can only be called once per range. 9604 Open Error encountered with valid formula. 9605 Open Enhancement in external link handling. 9640 Open Date problem with big spreadsheet. 9784 Open Corrupt header. 9814 Open writeFormula problem with HYPERLINK. 9833 Open THis a Bug. 9879 Open Worksheet::protect() shouldn't require a password.. 9916 Open Documentation appears out-of-date. 9987 Open PB Excel 2007. 10046 Open Write Method not working for contents with mime type. 10352 Open Worksheet::setPaper doesn't include example code. 10439 Open Curropted file on 64bit systems. 11133 Open Invalid File Format. ===============================================[SQL_Parser]=================== 487 Open Lexer can't handle functions inside getParams(). 4035 Open Update statements should recognize FROM clause. 4084 Open Ability to handle multiple queries (ala mysqldump). 4085 Open Lexer should recognize identifier delimiters. 4086 Open (UN)LOCK TABLES statements not recognized (MySQL). 4087 Open Comma not recognized after PRIMARY KEY statement. 4088 Open c-style block comments not handled. 4089 Open IF EXISTS not recognized in DROP statements. 6209 Verified Tables like [cat/dog] not recognized. 7416 Open Pound Sign Breaking Legal Field Names. 8388 Open Between statements not recognized. 11462 Open generate_testcases.php does not correct split queries. 11463 Open int and string is a valid token after SELECT. 11464 Open FROM is not required for SELECT. 11466 Open 1a is not treated as single string. 11469 Open unify line endings. 11472 Open comment handling for ANSI and MySQL. ===============================================[Stream_Var]=================== 4229 Assigned Stream_Var needs url_stat method. ===============================================[Structures_DataGrid]========== 9994 Feedback Clean URLs and parsing HTTP requests with Seagull. 11398 Feedback Renaming an existing column fieldName.
===============================================[Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DataObject] 7040 Feedback Support for FormBuilder's _getFieldsToRender.
===============================================[Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Smarty] 8237 Feedback Can't use multiple grids on the same page. ===============================================[Structures_Graph]============= 3308 Assigned would like labels on the arcs. 9652 Open 404 on external documentation. ===============================================[System_Command]=============== 6280 Assigned Documentation request. 8382 Assigned Capturing Stderr & Exit Code. 9504 Assigned Allow arrays to be passed to pushCommand as command line
arguments. ===============================================[System_Mount]================= 2540 Open Missing end user docs. ===============================================[Testing_Selenium]============= 9120 Assigned Allow setting the browser session ID. 9189 Assigned Select-Option containing enties not selectable. ===============================================[Text_CAPTCHA]================= 5055 Analyzed Enhance _createCAPTCHA method to use user-defined colours. 10726 Open Usage of background-color (transparency), text-color, line-color,
with alpha. ===============================================[Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral]========= 11419 Open When the math equasion results equals Zero, it lets the form go
through..... ===============================================[Text_Diff]==================== 4982 Open diff on a little bit wrong place with inline renderer. 6359 Open Ignore whitespace. 8096 Open diff generated is wrong.. ===============================================[Text_Highlighter]============= 11168 Open PHP highlighting doesn't work. 11172 Open Add inline mode. 11288 Open Explicitly enter String mode. 11414 Open doclinks - option in xml file. ===============================================[Text_LanguageDetect]========== 6471 Open Detect Japanese language support. 6597 Open language.dat can not be unserialized. ===============================================[Text_Password]================ 377 Assigned Possible alternative mechanism in _createPronounceable function. 11434 Open pronounceable password genreation to add numbers. ===============================================[Text_Wiki]==================== 3805 Feedback Assigning at once a css class name to all html tags. 4230 Assigned [Patch] Use Text_Highlighter in "code" rule. 4291 Open Allow formatting inside WikiLinks descriptions. 6133 Assigned Add support for PDF rendering. 7619 Open Titles for lists. 7717 Open Image renderer: Remove getimagesize call or make it optional. 7754 Open ignorant urlEncode. 7929 Open Image should support same link style as wikilink. 8190 Open TOC enclosing block fix. 8482 Open HTML Code surrounded by <p>. 8502 Open XHTML renderer needs id encoder. 8877 Open Security issue: Preventing session hijacking. 9271 Open Create a media descriptor. 9382 Open Don't add class="" if no css style given. 9384 Open Don't add empty anchor # sign. 9812 Open XHTML automatic numbering of headers. 10015 Open static toc margin. 10682 Open Text_Wiki not multi-byte safe. 11331 Open Linking to images impossible. ===============================================[Text_Wiki_BBCode]============= 6100 Verified relative urls don't work right.. 9327 Open Images and headings. 9960 Feedback Parsing of named links returns unexpected results. ===============================================[Text_Wiki_Mediawiki]========== 8450 Assigned Invalid nesting of paragraphs for tables. 8451 Feedback Inline definition list patch. 8503 Open Comment parser. 8504 Open MediaWiki citation format. 9378 Assigned Addition to
pear/Text_Wiki/Text/Wiki/Parse/Mediawiki/Preformatted.php. 10520 Open lists nested in paragraphs -- invalid (X)HTML. ===============================================[Text_Wiki_Tiki]=============== 9152 Open Tiki Wikilink renderer error. 9154 Open Tiki Paragraph renderer error. ===============================================[Tree]========================= 3166 Open Change walk/_walk to use call_user_func_array. ===============================================[Validate]===================== 956 Analyzed Validate::email() doesn't allow Internationalized Domain Names
(IDN). 11001 Feedback RFC822 Comments break PCRE. ===============================================[Validate_ES]================== 9084 Open Validate_ES::dni wrong conditionals. ===============================================[Validate_Finance_CreditCard]== 7273 Open Parameter order for CreditCard::type function signature needx
reversing. ===============================================[Validate_US]================== 10904 Open APO/FPO addresses. ===============================================[VersionControl_SVN]=========== 4947 Open Library not working with Windows SVN. 5020 Open Code-bug, missing break in switch. 5021 Open SVN objects are not reusable. 5099 Open Copy ignores source, traget and switches. 9343 Open Using non-english file/dir names. 9351 Open log does not accept the 'limit' switch. 9998 Open Regular Expression Matching For List. ===============================================[Web Site]===================== 6206 Open Links to PECL4WIN. 10628 Assigned Update pecl4win's libsvn. ===============================================[XML_DB_eXist]================= 9215 Open implement the ->store(...) method. ===============================================[XML_FastCreate]=============== 7897 Open can't create cdata. ===============================================[XML_Feed_Parser]============== 10335 Open Can XML_Feed_Parser get nodeValue within the namespace?. 10336 Open Error with encoding handling on xhtml. 11467 Open Escaped HTML in Atom Text Constructs. ===============================================[XML_HTMLSax]================== 3528 Open incorrect logic. 6706 Open code fails on blockquote tag, thinks its bold tag. 6742 Open Error handling <![if tags. ===============================================[XML_HTMLSax3]================= 1850 Open HTMLtoXHTML.php does not produce XHTML. ===============================================[XML_NITF]===================== 7542 Open drpping of tags. ===============================================[XML_RPC]====================== 8240 Open debug output of methodcall. 9375 Open XML_RPC_decode decodes integer as strings in an array. 10186 Open Error in function serializeval($o). ===============================================[XML_RPC2]===================== 8258 Open encyrption of requests. 8397 Open Cookie support. 11023 Open use php://input instead of $GLOBALS['HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA']. 11135 Open Empty array should not give a notice. 11177 Open Encoding is not correct. 11235 Open Call of RPC the method dies without error. 11280 Open Xmlrpcext escapes UTF-8. 11314 Open Following codesniffer standards param docs mess up. ===============================================[XML_RSS]====================== 9328 Open assigned by reference error in XML_RSS parse. 10404 Open Please add a timestamp in item array. ===============================================[XML_Serializer]=============== 9799 Open attributesArray causes PHP warning. 10534 Open Seems as if encoding is not the same. 11404 Open gettype on typeHints=true may lead to inconsistence in future PHP
versions. ===============================================[XML_sql2xml]================== 576 Assigned sql2xml xml-resultset without values. 1687 Open Function addArray() generates incorrectly designed XML document. 2381 Open limit to 64k of getXML string?. 5576 Open XML_sql2xml package.xml uses <file name="./doc/blah.whatever" which is
invalid. 6910 Open inner join results display odd xml structure. ===============================================[XML_Util]===================== 4950 Assigned Incorrect CDATA serializing. 5392 Assigned encoding of ISO-8859-1 is the only supported encoding. 10535 Open Line-breaks. ===============================================[XML_XUL]====================== 6172 Open Tree rows need to be able to have attributes.