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Oleg KalnichevskiJan 7, 2013 2:44 am 
Subject:Re: When less is more; Re: AbstractNIOConnPool memory leak?
From:Oleg Kalnichevski (
Date:Jan 7, 2013 2:44:39 am

On Sun, 2013-01-06 at 23:14 -0800, vigna wrote:

Try reducing the number of concurrent connections from 20k to, say, 2k and you may be surprised to find out that a smaller number of connections can actually chew through the same workload faster. If the

Well... no. :) We have an experimental setup with a local proxy generating a "fake web" that we use to check the speed of the pipeline independently of the network conditions.

With 1000 parallel DefaultHttpClient instances (different instances, not one instance with pooling) we download >10000 pages/s.

With 1000 parallel requests on a DefaultHttpAsyncClient we download >500 pages/s, but as soon as we try to increase the number of parallel requests the speed drops to 100 pages/s, which makes the client useless for us at the moment.

Of course this is somewhat artificial—you don't actually download at 100MB/s. But the fact that actually with 2000 parallel requests you go *slower* is a problem.

I am sorry but I fail to see how that all proves your point (or disproves mine). It even sounds completely unrelated to what I was trying to tell you. Well, then, let us just agree to disagree.