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Subject:[K12OSN] Fwd: PXE booting
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Date:Jul 25, 2006 9:24:15 am

This is the message from Chip PC company. No sure what to make of it. Can you use PXE for LTSP or not?

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Hi David,

Thank you for applying Chip PC,

The straight-forward answer at this point in time to your question is NO, in terms that Jack PC supports PXE boot but only with Chip PC image that is CE-based.

The following link explains how use PXE with the Chip PC devices. Note that the scenario requires image 6.5.x loaded on the Jack PC + XG to act as a PXE server

Please address technical support questions through the following link, in order for them to be recorded into our support database. One of Chip PC technical support team member will examine your case and contact you with a solution or to gather more information.

Best Regards,

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Hello David,

I have forwarded this to our technical support department.

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Hello, We are interested in you product JackPC. We are running the K12LTSP Linux thin client system at our school and your devices sound like a great match at the client end. We just require PXE (or etherboot) in order to download the operation system from the client. This is a standard feature on modern motherboards for PCs. Does you system provide this feature? Thank you in advance. David Knight

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