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Subject:[OPEN-ILS-DEV] Accessible: Evergreen 1.6 with Endeca, content from Horizon
From:Wiktor Rzeczkowski (
Date:Dec 18, 2009 1:33:57 pm

Access has now been set up for the general public to one of my Evergreen development installations featuring Evergreen v. 1.6 with an additional Evergreen Endeca based OPAC and with content (including 1.75 million bibliographic records) migrated to Evergreen from the McMaster Horizon ILS, for any kind of testing, comparing, or just playing with it.

For the Evergreen staff client 1.6 the address is: and an administrator's login user name / password is: egils / open-ils (unrestricted functionality; the system can be restored if needed).

For the Evergreen OPAc the address is:

For the EVergreen Endeca OPAC the address is:

The server hosts all the OpenSRF/Evergreen services, the XMPP jabber, the Postgresql database and the web server, plus a Tomcat application server for Endeca. The server is an older, 32 bit, two Xeon 2.2 GHz processor server with 5 GB of memory and the performance of Evergreen may sometimes be affected.

Bibliographic records and holdings displays in the Evergreen OPAC are based on the actual content of the Evergreen system.

Bibliographic record displays in the Evergreen Endeca OPAC are based on a one-time complete extract from Evergreen (4 minutes). At this time the Evergreen extracts for the Evergreen Endeca OPAC are not being taken regularly and the bibliographic displays in the OPAC do not change. At this time holdings displays in the Evergreen Endeca OPAC are live from our production Horizon database and not from Evergreen. The displays instantaneously reflect changes to holdings in the production Horizon database (as do holdings displays in our production Horizon Endeca OPAC).