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Subject:Re: [Exist-open] Stress testing eXist-1.4.1-rev14438
From:Wolfgang Meier (
Date:May 19, 2011 2:09:42 am

2011-05-18 21:14:30,395 [P1-9] WARN  ( [getNodeValue]:2093) - btree error while reading node value node not found.    at    at    at$14.start( [...]

does this means its uncritical, because its no Error?

This is uncritical if it happens due to dirty node references in a query. For example, if your query does process a node set, it may happen that some nodes in this set get removed by another thread. The query will then just skip those nodes. A problem only arises if the query needs to build a more complex result fragment and the node is removed in between. The generated fragment may then be inconsistent. Otherwise if you don't experience any other failures, I would say it is safe to ignore the warning.

In general, eXist does allow dirty reads unless you use the util:lock functions to keep an explicit lock on a node set.


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