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Riaz, BobOct 9, 2008 2:09 pm 
Stephen VanceOct 9, 2008 3:28 pm 
Subject:[p4] [Error]: Access for user 'Username' has not been enabled by 'p4 protect'.
From:Riaz, Bob (
Date:Oct 9, 2008 2:09:41 pm

Hi all,

Perforce novice here.

IDE: IntelliJ IDEA 7.0

Developing in Ruby.

When I try to sync with repository I get the following error:

[Error]: Access for user 'Username' has not been enabled by 'p4 protect'.

I can run sync from the cmd line using p4 sync 'path'. I can run sync from one method in IDEA but not from another, both using p4.run_sync (from P4Ruby).

Also, everywhere I check my user name is 'username' (lowercase 'u') rather than 'Username' as it appears in the error message.

I've checked the Perforce configurations in IDEA under Version Control Settings - Config settings are explicitly set (port, client, user etc), and the connection test is ok.

All thoughts deeply appreciated!!

Many thanks.