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Subject:[RESULTS][SUMMARY][DISCUSS][VOTE] List CloudStack related books on the website
From:Sebastien Goasguen (
Date:Jun 12, 2013 3:12:35 am

Hi, (note only marketing@)

Apologies for a belated wrap up of this important vote. Please reply in-line.


+1 : 24 (Sebastien, Giles, Nguyen, Ryan, Kelly, Geoff, Roland, Alex, Nehal,
Sapm4kev, Gaspare, Kelcey, José,OutbackDingo, Todd, Eric, David, Kimihiko,
Radhika, Clayton, Chip, Chiradeep, Tariq, Mark)

-0 : 2 (Noah, Joe also vote +0)

-1: 2 (Rohit, Ilya)


Rohit would be +1 on listing in the wiki, Ilya would be +0 on listing in the
wiki. So it seems that we would have unanimous consensus for listing on the wiki, even
though there is a strong majority for the website.


I felt it was important to poll folks that are only on dev@ or users@ and the
results show that some folks who have never voted, got engaged in this VOTE.
This is a very positive side effect despite the confusion that I created by bcc
all lists.

Our bylaws [1] do not cover votes on non-technical matters, so while we have
lazy majority on this vote it seems that this situation is not covered by the
bylaws. Moreover section 3.1.1 of bylaws says that decisions on the project
happen on dev@, so it seems that votes even on marketing@ are not allowed
(unsure about this).

I propose the following:

1-To move forward without having to re-cast a vote, I propose to list
immediately the books on the Wiki, and inform Packt. I just created the page [2] 2- If people agree that we have a bylaw "loophole", we need to modify the bylaws
to allow votes on marketing@ and agree on using Lazy majority or Lazy 2/3

Once we agree, I will inform users@ and dev@ and invite folks who participated
in this vote to join marketing@

3- We could then re-cast a vote to list on the website

[1] [2]

Ps: fwiw, I think this is overly complicated but the only way forward in the
apache way.