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Subject:Re: Verify Link using http package
From:Harald Oehlmann (
Date:Jun 28, 2013 1:29:30 am

Hello List,

I have tried: strace -o l.txt /usr/sbin/httpd -X

Then, the issue does not arise and the script works well.

I have tried: strace -o l.txt /usr/sbin/httpd This does not help, as apache goes in daemon mode.

So it must be an issue with the deamon mode etc.

Is there any way to debug this ?

Thank you, Harald


I tried to isolate the issue that a ::http::geturl call hangs in rivet but works in tclsh.

Could you please verify the following scripts to check if this is the same for you ?


I tried to isolate the issue, that the following file works well when executed in a tcl8.6 shell and lets an apache thread hang: --test_linkcheck.tcl--- puts [package require http]<br/> if { [catch { set h [::http::geturl ""] } err] } { puts " unknown url<br/>" } else { puts [::http::status $h]<br/> ::http::cleanup $h } --EOF--

% tclsh8.6 test_linkcheck.tcl 2.8.7<br/> ok<br/> %

The file is saved in "/var/www/http" of my test server, and a request of the address: "//centostest/test_linkcheck.tcl" lets the client wait until I restart the apache server.

An additional option "-timeout 1000" to geturl would let stop geturl in a timeout.

The file "" is a 12 byte test file.


Tests I have done:

--T1: Try synchronous socket--

The following script tries to get the data by a synchronous socket:

--test_socket.tcl-- set h [socket 80] fconfigure $h -translation crlf -buffering line -blocking 1 puts $h "GET /test.txt HTTP/1.0\nHost:\n" while { ! [eof $h] } { set data [gets $h] if {$data ne ""} { puts $data } } close $h --eof--

This works well in rivet and in tclsh

--T2: Try asynchronous socket--

The following script loads the data by an asynchoneous method:

--test_socket_async.tcl-- proc sockin {} { global h puts [gets $h] if {[eof $h]} { close $h set h "" } }

set h [socket -async 80] fconfigure $h -translation crlf -buffering line -blocking 0 puts $h "GET /test.txt HTTP/1.0\nHost:\n" fileevent $h readable sockin vwait h --eof--

This works well in tcl86 and hangs the browser when executed with rivet.

--T3: Event loop--

So I thought the issue is the event loop. So I tried a simple event loop example which stays for 1 second in the event loop:

--test_vwait.tcl-- puts "wait 1 sec" set h 0 after 1000 "set h 1" vwait h puts end --eof--

This works well in tclsh and rivet.


Is this a bug or a feature ? Do you also see what I see ? Are my tests just stupid ?

Thank you for any ideas, Harald