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Subject:Read from Maven local repository
From:Fred Vos (
Date:May 7, 2007 1:12:17 pm


I'm completely new to Ivy. At the moment I'm using Maven to build my software. Now I'm trying to collect dependencies automatically in the target/lib directory using Ivy 1.4.1 on the command line. Later I want to fetch my jars from within a Java program. I want Ivy to fetch the jars from my local Maven repository at ~/.m2/repository only. How do I setup my ivysettings.xml for that?

Here's my ivy.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <ivy-module version="1.0"> <info organisation="org" module="standalone" revision="working"/> <dependencies> <dependency org="xom" name="xom" rev="1.1" conf="default->*"/> <dependency org="com.martiansoftware" name="jsap" rev="2.1" conf="default->*"/> </dependencies> </ivy-module>

and my ivysettings.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <ivysettings> <property name="local-maven2-pattern"
override="false" /> <resolvers> <url name="local-maven2" m2compatible="true"> <artifact pattern="${local-maven2-pattern}"/> </url> </resolvers> </ivysettings>

When I do

% java -cp <classpath> fr.jayasoft.ivy.Main

it tries to download xom from an external repository (successfull) and jsap (not successfull). But this is not what I want. I already have both xom and jsap and all their dependencies in my local maven repository and want to use that repository.

When I do

% java -cp <classpath> fr.jayasoft.ivy.Main -conf ivysettings.xml

it complains for both xom and jsap that it cannot find a resolver:

:: [ xom | xom | 1.1 ]: no resolver found for [ xom | xom ]: check your configuration

So I guess something is wrong with my ivysettings.xml file. Can someone help me with this first step?