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Subject:Re: Takari Maven Lifecycle
From:Hilco Wijbenga (
Date:Dec 23, 2016 8:27:55 am

Hi all,

Has anyone used the Takari Maven Lifecycle? Today, I added it to our build to find out which transitive dependencies really should be direct dependencies but I don't get a single failure. I'm not buying that... :-)

In my base POM (in <build><plugins>) I have this:

<plugin> <groupId>io.takari.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>takari-lifecycle-plugin</artifactId> <version>1.11.12</version> <extensions>true</extensions> <configuration> <proc>proc</proc> <accessRulesViolation>error</accessRulesViolation> <compilerId>jdt</compilerId> <source>1.7</source> <target>1.7</target> </configuration> </plugin>

I can't use 1.12.x because we are still on JDK 1.7. The <source> and <target> are probably redundant but ToolChains is apparently not supported so this seems like the best solution for when we move to JDK 1.8.

If I comment out a Test or Compile dependency that I know we depend on directly then I get no error. I had a look at the source on GitHub and my "accessRulesViolation" and "compilerId" settings seem correct (it certainly matches the documentation).

Has anyone tried this and did it work for you? Am I missing some additional configuration or plugin? Does any reference of, say, the maven-compiler-plugin somehow invalidate the accessRulesViolation setting?

Oh, and I should add that I'm using packaging "takari-jar", not "jar". I see that the plugin is running, I just don't see anything about access rule violations.