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Subject:Re: [jdom-interest] Maven build
From:Rolf Lear (
Date:Feb 17, 2012 5:06:58 pm

Hi all.

As an update, I have been 'messing around', and, I have just been getting frustrated by Maven.

To my knowledge, I am unable to deploy 'snapshot' type builds to oss/sonatype nexus.... or, rather, I am unable to upload snapshot 'bundles' to their web-based interface.

This means that the only way I understand it is possible to create SNAPSHOT builds is through the 'mvn deploy' command, and JDOM does not do that.

As a result, I am frustrated, and I am wasting time on it.

I have a 'procedure' in place that allows me to upload maven bundles to The procedure is partially manual, and described here:

This procedure is good enough to load up 'release' builds only (it seems).

This means that I cannot find a good way to test the maven part of the processes.... and I cannot trust myself to be doing 'the right thing' because I simply cannot fathom what 'the right thing' from a maven perspective is.

For me the maven aspect JDOM has become 'not fun', and since I do not use maven myself, I now have low motivation for making it work. Further, any previous 'good will' I have had in considering a more 'maven like' build process is evaporating... right now (and I am somewhat peeved) I think maven sucks, and is more trouble than it is worth.

So, if maven is to redeem itself to me, I think someone with a more friendly attitude toward it is going to have to smooth out the process, put together a 'just do this, this, and this...', and if it works I will keep doing it.

So, if there are maven-experienced people out there... people who have deployed open-source projects to maven-central (not just used maven central as a resource), further, people who have experience with using a non-maven-like source repository like JDOM is, then please consider helping out here.

Just to be clear, what I can do is: - 'release' a maven bundle

what I cannot do is: - put out 'test' maven releases that are not linked to 'official' JDOM releases. - put out a new JDOM release if I somehow mess up a maven release.... so, I need to ensure that all maven releases are 100% correct. If JDOM 2.x.y is released, and the maven artifact for 2.x.y is somehow broken (bad dependency or something) then I do not want to have to release a JDOM 2.x.z to fix a maven problem.

So, if someone wants to take a stab at it, please speak up.


Hi all.

I am going to start playing with the concept of loading the 'snapshot' builds up on to maven central as 'SNAPSHOT' type builds. This is to ensure I get some 'practice' before the final JDOM2.0 release.

If you are currently using maven to load your JDOM 1.x jars you should ensure that you set your maven version dependencies correctly so that you do not start pulling any JDOM 2.x jars. My understanding is that if I label the versions as SNAPSHOT then they should be ignored by you, but, for everyone's peace of mind, in your 'real' development environments you should restrict your dependencies to version 1.1.2 only

I expect to start 'playing' with this in the next week or so.