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Mary McRaeApr 9, 2007 6:18 pm 
Subject:[SPAM] Request to Run IPR Transition Ballot for Business-Centric Methodology (BCM) TC
From:Mary McRae (
Date:Apr 9, 2007 6:18:45 pm

To TC Members and Voting Representatives of the OASIS Business-Centric Methodology (BCM) TC:

This message is to serve as notification of receipt of the request to run an IPR Transition Approval Ballot. The ballot to transition to RF on Limited Terms will be launched on or after 9 May per the IPR Transition Policy[1]. Each of the voting representatives designated below[2] will receive a notice when the ballot has been launched.

Please note that this ballot is subject to the approval of an extension of the IPR Transition deadline of 15 April 2007 by the OASIS Board of Directors.



--------------------------------------------------- Mary P McRae Manager of TC Administration, OASIS email: web: phone: 603.232.9090

[1] [2] TC Voting Member Qualified Member Primary Representative

Organizational Members: MetLife: Carlos Casanova Carl Mattocks yes

Individual/Associate Members: Individual Members: David Webber yes David Webber Paul Kirk yes Paul Kirk Neil Wasserman yes Neil Wasserman

Associate Members: CheckMi Paul Alagna yes Paul Alagna