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Randy TerbushMar 24, 1998 2:23 pm 
Subject:Covalent Raven SSL module for Apache
From:Randy Terbush (ran@Covalent.NET)
Date:Mar 24, 1998 2:23:24 pm

Covalent Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce a way to add secure SSL transaction services to your Apache web server.

The Raven SSL module is now available for the FreeBSD operating system. Raven provides SSLv2 and SSLv3 secure communication services using RSA licensed cryptography algorithms. Raven is easily added to an Apache web server via the highly flexible Apache module API.

Please use one of the contact points below to learn more about Raven.

------------------------------------------------- Covalent Technologies ------------------------- 121 S. 13th Suite 105B ---------------------- Lincoln, NE 68508 ------------------------------------------------- 402.441.5710

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