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Subject:Re: [Jython-users] 2.5rc2, cygwin, and JLine
From:Nicholas Riley (
Date:May 15, 2009 1:32:24 pm

In article <>, Weiqi Gao <> wrote:

Here's what works for Cygwin users:

1. Use a DOS prompt and forget about the headaches of Cygwin. 2. Use Cygwin bash in a DOS window: jython.bat works there. 3. Use Cygwin xterm/rxvt/etc. with the modified jython script for interactive session and jython.bat (or unmodified jython) for non-interactive usage.

The ultimate solution of this problem would require two things:

1. Fix JLine so that it works with Cygwin xterm/rxvt/etc. 2. Fix Jython so that it uses the correct JLine Terminal under Cygwin.

I was thinking #2 would make sense. I think it's reasonable to ship some analog to your shell script with the stty/JLine stuff conditionalized to cygwin, as I'd guess the interactive usage scenario is a lot more common.

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