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Prirodoslovni muzej SplitFeb 21, 2002 10:46 am 
Subject:Fantom Museum in India
From:Prirodoslovni muzej Split (prim@ST.TEL.HR)
Date:Feb 21, 2002 10:46:31 am

I am sorry for crossposting, but the easiest way to inform you about man who
doublecrossed our coleagues. So, take care of youreself and if you have some answer please send it directly
to my address not to the whole list. My name and address: Boze Kokan , primust at

So, I am in contact with few people who had very bad experience with certain
person named as: Dr. Mohammad F. Haq Director Life-Science Museum 1066 Civil Lines Jhansi-284001 Uttar Pradesh India

Tel: 517-443018 Fax: 517-331917

This person asked for help all over the world. In his messages was sad story
(burnt museum and all collections, needed to establish new collections, asked
for help) and he doublecrossed people who sent him their specimens. It was about
reptiles, fishes, amphibians, but tomorrow it could be insects... Many times he
promissed to send back some common Indian animals in exchange, but he never
answered or in best case told that he hadn't get any shipment. In other cases,
he asked for urgently needed animals for section (student excercises), but he
never paid service. So, please send me any information about him if you know.
Many people try to locate his museum, but it is not easy. It don't exist on
Internet, but Internet is limited tool. Maybe it is just a private collection,
not some college bounded institution as he presented. In my opion experts from
India could help the most. So, dear Indian friends, please help us! This good
people wanted to help to small and poor Indian museum and it was only a trick.
It is in Indian interest to get him, too I think. Best regards to all of you!

Boze Kokan, Croatia, Europe