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Dirk-Willem van GulikApr 22, 1999 12:44 am 
Subject:[Fwd: Re: general/4280: Can not handle the proxy request for chinese directories or files]
From:Dirk-Willem van Gulik (
Date:Apr 22, 1999 12:44:36 am

Thanks a lot for all those details; it really rules out a few things.
Unfortunately I cannot access the link you gave me; I get a 502 or 500 error (both on the FTP
and/or HTTP port).

We have done much the same with KOI, Big5 and UTF8 and I can vouch that it
should work.

Just a few questions;

Could you outline a few ports/IP addresses; i.e which machine fetches what over what port/protocol ? And let me know the URLs so I can have a look ?

What charset are you using; and if you are using a non-8 bit set, do you use something like UTF6, UTF7, UTF8 or PORB to encode things ?

And have you set anything like special mime types, or are using things like MIME/Base64pm to encode on the fly ?

Thanks !


Sure. fetches some Chinese files on over port 80 on The is a ftp testing site on C(hina) E(ducation) (and) R(esearch) NET(work), so perhaps it can not be access from outside of the CERNET. :( And I have not found another site like it. I will try to found one.

The charset I used is "ch-cn" ( in IE5.0) and gb2312 (in Netscape). I use UTF8 in IE5.0.

I am not sure whether the browser or the proxy server has used the MIME or something else to encode on the fly. Would you tell me how to know that?

Great thanks to you. Good Luck.

Chen Minghua