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Mark CollierApr 10, 2013 11:57 am 
Subject:[Openstack] OpenStack Networking, use of "Quantum"
From:Mark Collier (
Date:Apr 10, 2013 11:57:46 am

We have to phase out the trademark or attention getting use of the code name
"Quantum" when referring to the the OpenStack Networking project, as part of a
legal agreement with Quantum Corporation, the owner of the "Quantum" trademark.
The Board of Directors and Technical Committee members involved in Networking
related development and documentation were notified so we could start working to
remove "Quantum" from public references.

We made a lot of progress updating public references during the Grizzly release
cycle and will continue that work through Havana as well. The highest priority
items to update are locations that are attention getting and public--our biggest
area of work remaining is probably on the wiki, where we could really use
everyone's help. In other official communications, we refer to the projects by
their functional OpenStack names (Compute, Object Storage, Networking, etc).

At the summit we have a session scheduled to talk about project names generally
and the path forward for OpenStack Networking specifically. For instance, in
places where there is a need for something shorter, such as the CLI, we could
come up with a new code name or use something more descriptive like
"os-network." This is a question it probably makes sense to look at across
projects at the same time. If you have input on this, please come participate in
the session Thursday April 18 at 4:10pm: