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Subject:Re: bootable CD-ROM image to memstick image?
From:Warren Block (
Date:Jun 29, 2014 7:03:45 am

On Sun, 29 Jun 2014, Warren Block wrote:

On Sun, 29 Jun 2014, Ian Smith wrote:

I have a bootable BIOS/EC update CD image for a Lenovo X200, with no CD.

It contains the same good ol' DOS 6.0 BIOS update program as ever, after a loader from not so good ol' Nero Burning ROM, after 64KB of zeroes.

root@x200:~smithi/biosupdate # file 6duj48us.iso 6duj48us.iso: # ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data '6DUJ48US ' (bootable) root@x200:~smithi/biosupdate # mdconfig -f 6duj48us.iso md0 root@x200:~smithi/biosupdate # mount_cd9660 /dev/md0 /mnt root@x200:~smithi/biosupdate # ls -a /mnt . .. root@x200:~smithi/biosupdate #

Is there a generic way to convert this into a bootable USB image?

Possibly the update program and data is in the El Torito floppy image. I've converted floppy images to boot CDs, but not the other way. This might help:

And based on that:

% isoinfo -d -i 6duj48us.iso Setting input-charset to 'ISO8859-1' from locale. CD-ROM is in ISO 9660 format System id: Volume id: 6DUJ48US Volume set id: Publisher id: Data preparer id: Application id: NERO BURNING ROM Copyright File id: Abstract File id: Bibliographic File id: Volume set size is: 1 Volume set sequence number is: 1 Logical block size is: 2048 Volume size is: 19126 El Torito VD version 1 found, boot catalog is in sector 20

Joliet with UCS level 3 found. No SUSP/Rock Ridge present Eltorito validation header: Hid 1 Arch 0 (x86) ID 'NERO BURNING ROM' Cksum 8A FC OK Key 55 AA Eltorito defaultboot header: Bootid 88 (bootable) Boot media 4 (Hard Disk Emulation) Load segment 7C0 Sys type 6 Nsect 1 Bootoff 1B 27

% dd if=6duj48us.iso of=zoot.img bs=2048 skip=27 count=75744 19126+0 records in 19126+0 records out 39170048 bytes transferred in 0.063829 secs (613672181 bytes/sec)

That file is a 37M MBR hard drive image. Copying it straight to a memory stick ought to work.