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Subject:general/4186: System will run .mid files in i.e. but not in netscape
From:Robert Grimmett (
Date:Apr 1, 1999 10:39:51 am

Number: 4186 Category: general Synopsis: System will run .mid files in i.e. but not in netscape Confidential: no Severity: serious Priority: medium Responsible: apache State: open Class: support Submitter-Id: apache Arrival-Date: Thu Apr 1 10:40:00 PST 1999 Last-Modified: Originator: Organization: apache Release: 1.3.3 (Unix Environment:

Linux RedHay 5.2 release Linux 2.0.36 #1 Tue Oct 13 22:17:11 EDT 1998 i686 unknown


We have a jukebox script that will load a mid file for the user to play while
they are browsing.. in i.e. itload the external browser but in netscape it
displays the file as if it were text.. the site is please help.. this is a problem that didn't arise until we moved from one server
to the other.. (i am the system admin for the entire server so i have root
access if needed to configure the server) the old server though was also apache
and it worked fine on both netscape and IE

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