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Patrick HuntOct 31, 2011 1:20 pm 
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Subject:Better testing for client code...
From:Patrick Hunt (
Date:Oct 31, 2011 1:20:18 pm

I've been thinking that we need better testing for the client code. In particular it's currently difficult to simulate all the different types of failures a client might see. I'm wondering how we might do this - two ideas come to mind; 1) aspectj and 2) mocks (mockito). Anyone have other suggestions?

I've used 1 before on an ad-hoc basis to find issues in the server quorum code (aspects which would randomly cause a connect, bind, write, read, etc.... to fail). 2 seems better from a deterministic basis (ie repeatable tests that are easier to verify pass/fail). The only issue I see with 2 (other than refactoring some of the client code) is the need to mock networking level code. Perhaps both approaches could be applied together or separately.