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Subject:Simplified DOCBOOK Support - WAS: New Maven Plugins available ...
From:Siegfried Göschl (
Date:Dec 16, 2002 5:58:00 am

Yeap - I did know but at my first look the transformation (XSL?!) was invalid, the author seemed to have had a bad day and the PDF generation from XDOC is still broken in MAVEN B7 (see below).

No offence meant to anybody on this planet ... I also have a few bad days a week looking at my source code and the mirror.

The principal problem is the loss of information ... Simplified DOCBOOK is much richer than XDOC and I simply had to convert a handful of existing SDOCBOOK documents. Furthermore it provides additional output formats such as HTML Help and JavaDoc (which I haven't integrated at the moment)

IMHO the question remains if a translation to XDOC is beneficial ... any opionions out there ?!

Having said this I would love to have the PDF plugin working and I can provide some sample documents, a little FO know-how but I have no ideas of SDCOBOOK.

So we could merge the plugins if it makes sense ....


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BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 4 seconds


At least the build was successful ... :-)

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"Siegfried Göschl" <> wrote on 16/12/2002 08:46:53 PM:

I have contributed 3 new Maven plug-ins which can be found at


SDOCBOOK ================================================== Got frustrated with the existing DOCBOOK plugin since it never worked for me and converting DOCBOOK to XDOC drops too much information IMHO ... but you make the decision.

You do know the existing plugin is SDOCBOOK?

Maybe we could work together on fixing the original plugin.... -- dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting Blog: Work: