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Subject:Re: [PATCH] trivial: update the Kernel Janitors' web-page URL
From:Jiri Kosina (
Date:Jun 12, 2009 7:37:02 am

On Fri, 12 Jun 2009, walter harms wrote:

BTW, I haven't followed kernel janitors project for a while, is it still active? Skimming through the web, I can see some TODOs from 2001, hence the question :)

the project is still active. the last patch was yesterday: <clip> Trivial patch which adds the __init and __exit macros to the module_init / module_exit functions to the following modules from drivers/mtd/ devices/m25p80.c devices/slram.c linux version 2.6.30 ftl.c nand/cafe_nand.c nand/cmx270_nand.c <clip/>

Well, yes, I have been CCed on that patch. My question was rather about whether there is anyone in the project actively looking at the posted patches, reviewing them, pushing them to appropriate maintainers, etc. I don't recall having seen anything like that in the past.