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Subject:[courier-users] Using courier as a relay host
From:Joe Laffey (
Date:Jun 4, 2014 1:59:41 pm


I have some email addresses that I need to relay through my courier server from another server running postfix.

I have postfix set up to use the courier server as a relay host in postfix's transport-map. This worked fine with my older version of courier (recently upgraded from a pretty old version).

Now the courier server is complaining relaying denied.

I have this in /etc/courier/smtpaccess/default

71.91.xx.yy allow,RELAYCLIENT (where xx and yy are numbers)

I ran makesmptaccess, and the date on the .dat file is up to date. I see in the esmtpd file that this is the correct place for it (i.e. I did not change the location of smptaccess).

Any thoughts on why I would get a relaying denied from mail sent through a host that is listed as a RELAYCLIENT ?

I see:

courieresmtpd: error,relay=::ffff:71.91.xx.yy,from=<>,to=<>: 513 Relaying denied.

I know this worked right in my old setup. So I am trying to figure out what has changed.

Basically, I want that host 71.91.xx.yy to be able to relay any mail it wants out through the courier machine.

Thanks in advance.

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