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Subject:Message Driven Bean work-alike for Grails?
From:Brian Huddleston (
Date:Aug 29, 2007 12:02:20 pm

Hi guys,

A number of my grails projects have a common requirement: a) A given user of the system has a long running job b) I need to control how many of those jobs are being processed concurrently for resource management reasons.

In other circumstances I would just toss the jobs on the queue and have MDBs chew on them and I would tune the number of MDBs to control resource consumption.

I've worked around this in various project specific ways (most recently a Quartz job, a query, and management service) but it would be nice to have a generic solution. Ideally it would look something like:

class FooBarMessageConsumer {

static concurrency = 5

handleMessage(def message) { // // Various Domain Object Goodness and processing goes here // }


Does that sound interesting/desirable to anyone? Is there a plugin, perhaps, somewhere out there that does something similar to this that I could hijack?

Thanks, Brian