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Subject:Re: [MarkLogic Dev General] (1) Canceling XQuery requests, (2) Exploring Resource Hierarchy
From:Geert Josten (
Date:Feb 26, 2012 11:30:00 am

Hi Todd,

(1) In the Query Console you should be able to simply truncate the transaction by pressing back or escape, and hit run for a new query. At least, that used to work in CQ, the older type of Query Console.

(2) You can filter on collections in Explore by clicking on the collection name behind any of the files. But that requires using collections sensibly. It doesn’t do the same for directories however, nor does it provide a simple search box, which could have been done easily. Alternative is to use WEBDAV, but that requires directories to be created for all paths (the automatic setting), and I believe they all should start with /. You already found the xdmp:directory and related functions, you can write a primitive file explorer with that too. I did so before, but you want paging in there to keep it perform well with a mln+ docs..

Kind regards,


*Van:* [mailto:] *Namens *Todd Gochenour *Verzonden:* zondag 26 februari 2012 19:19 *Aan:* MarkLogic Developer Discussion *Onderwerp:* [MarkLogic Dev General] (1) Canceling XQuery requests, (2) Exploring Resource Hierarchy

*(1) Canceling XQuery requests*

I just found the [cancel] action in the (show more) view of Configure/Groups/Default/App Servers/App-Services[HTTP]/status tab. It has to be one of the most useful functions for a developer in all of Admin. Why is it buried so far down in the interface, nine clicks away? I vote for moving this to the Query Console, right next to the [run] action. It would make experimenting with queries in Marklogic so much more enjoyable.

*(2) Exploring Resource Hierarchy*

The [explore] action in Query Console is a bit annoying, paging through a list without the ability to sort or filter. I would like to have the ability to see and navigate the directory hierarchy and search for, insert and delete one or more files like in a traditional filesystem. eXistDB has a client tool to do this. Where is it for MarkLogic? eXistDB wraps the collection() concept around their directory hierarchy, which was a lot of use to me. I have yet to capitalize either on MarkLogic directories or collections in the same way. Granted I've only been at this for a week so there maybe aspects I have yet to uncover. I understand that perhaps WebDAV is what I'm looking for and I have yet to configure my machine to access the database this way.

Todd Gochenour

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