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Subject:Re: [Exist-open] newbie question: git and eXist-db (
Date:Apr 1, 2014 11:55:00 am

Hi Sara,

as Dannes already said, eXist stores the data over various places and you should
not directly touch anything inside the data directory. Instead, you should
properly export your application out of the database. The easiest way to do this
on the laptop is to use the synchronize feature in eXide:

This will create a copy of everything in your app in a separate directory, which
you can then put under source control. Note that the synchronization is one way:
if you change files in the exported directory, you will have to re-import the
files or the entire app into the db.

My workflow usually is: I create a new app in eXide, do some first edits and
synchronize the entire app to a directory, which I then put into git. I continue
to develop inside the db and synchronize again when I think it’s time for
another commit. The advantage is that I can easily delete my app from the db
when I messed it up and re-import the xar from the directory on disk (calling
"ant" inside the directory will generate a .xar which can be uploaded again via
the dashboard).

Using other editors: if you would like to use vim for editing files inside the
database, I would recommend to mount the db via webdav. I do this quite often
and it is straightforward on a Mac. On Linux a mount does work equally well. I
will still use the synchronize workflow though.


Am 01.04.2014 um 19:41 schrieb Sara L. Uckelman

Hi all,

Rank newbie here, if there's a website where I can get the answer I'm looking to feel free to point me there instead of cluttering up the list.

I recently attended an eXist-db training session with Wolfgang, which was very useful; during the 6 sessions, I created the start of an app for a project of mine. The app has reached a level of complexity where I'm getting increasingly bothered by the fact that it's not under version control, but now that I've installed eXist-db on my laptop (I run linux/Fedora), I'm running in to issues with *finding* the files; the file structure that eXide displays does not appear to actually mirror the real file structure.

For example, I thought I'd finally found all the files for my app, at:


In that directory is modules/, resources/, templates/, data/, and all the custom HTML files that I'd made.

However, when I edited collection.xconf from eXide, the version of the file in this directory doesn't change.

Instead, I found:


which has the folders data/, modules/, and resources/, but NOT templates/, and it also has none of the HTML files that I've created, but it DOES have a copy of the CSS file; and when I go into modules/, the copy of collection.xconf THERE has been modified. (data/ is empty except for a mal-formed file that I have no idea where it came from, since it's definitely something that I created at one point, but which I don't see listed anyway in the version of the app that I downloaded to use in my local copy of the db).

I feel like I'm missing something obvious about how and where eXist-db is actually storing all its files, and this missing piece is keeping me from successfully adding any of them to my git repository. (It's also making it difficult for me to edit the files via VIM rather than eXide, something I'd greatly prefer to do).

Thanks for your assistance, -Sara