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At 10:07 AM 11/20/96 -0500, Steve Knoblock wrote:

I agree with all these points. We may not be able to get the browser developers to implement them. Maybe MS is listening. I know they have a SGML backend for Word.

Microsoft also uses SGML massively in-house.

Why? It is no harder to parse <POEM> than <DIV CLASS=POEM>. Neither requires a browser update. They just require a style sheet to describe how to display them.

I think Carl's concern is that SGML does not specify the way an element should be displayed. If there were no style sheet present, then browser developers would have to reinvent tags soup. But I think the very fact that you could create an infinite number of variations on elements with SGML makes a style sheet a necessary prerequisite for deploying SGML on the web.

That is true. SGML without a style sheet is basically unreadable. But I expect the text-mode browser vendors to be on the cutting edge of generic SGML deployment. So it will only be the WYSIWYG vendors (who have no excuse) who will hold us back.

HTML could never turn into SGML. It wouldn't make sense. But the "standard language" of the Web could turn into SGML. This process is under way.

That process scares me a bit. Will the DTD have to be downloaded with each document?

No. You no longer need the DTD to display the document. You just need the stylesheet. This is described at

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