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Lester WardDec 30, 2002 3:10 pm 
Lester WardDec 31, 2002 7:57 am 
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Subject:Reactor question
From:Lester Ward (
Date:Dec 30, 2002 3:10:54 pm

I thought I understood Reactor a bit, but evidently not. I have a somewhat unusual compile setup involving four projects. The main project is called itag, with three jakarta projects that I compile from source as well (see previous thread called "Newbie seeking advice on build best practice" for why we do this).

Anyway, my directory structure is a bit different now, with itag and the three jakarta projects at the .same. level of the directory. In itag's maven.xml file, the following tag is used to (I thought), call the Maven process to build Velocity (one of the jakarta projects).

<reactor:execute basedir="${itag.jakarta.root}/jakarta-velocity" glob="${itag.jakarta.root}/jakarta-velocity/project.xml" goals="java:jar" banner="Building" ignoreFailures="false"/>

The {itag.jakarta.root} property is set to the correct path (I know this because other commands that use the same property work fine), but when this tag is executed, the behavior is not what I expect.

From what I understand of Reactor, my thought is that this tag should act exactly as if I just ran "maven" from the command line while in the jakarta-velocity directory. When the tag above executes, however, all I get is this:

Our processing order:

...and then the next tag in my maven.xml file executes. Nothing inside of Velocity changes. It is as if Reactor is getting called, but it isn't doing anything except printing out "Our processing order:".

If I do use the command line to manually call "maven" within the jakarta-velocity, Velocity compiles perfectly, so the script Velocity uses isn't the issue.

It seems like either a) Reactor doesn't work at all like I think it should or b) Reactor doesn't work. I pawed through the copious Reactor documentation (all hundred words of it), but was unable to figure out what was going on. Can anyone please enlighten me?

Thanks, Wordman