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Subject:Ideas for simplifying solr-ruby and making it better
From:Matt Mitchell (
Date:Sep 28, 2008 1:05:25 pm

I'm trying gather some ideas for how solr-ruby's code can be simplified and better. For example, a lot of the classes are just extending a base class as a placeholder, and not really doing anything. Some of them extend a base class and set one option; the request and response modules have a lot of this going on. Another thing I'm thinking could be cleaned up, simplified or even made dynamic is the field mapping; and it'd be nice to permit arbitrary/un-mapped params to be passed in too. Some of the code doesn't seem all that rubyish, and my feeling is that there are lots of places where things could be made simpler.

Do any of you have ideas or things that you've disliked about solr-ruby? If so, please say so! I've got all kinds of ideas I'd like to implement and crank out, but for now I want to see what other people are thinking.