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Fabio Arciniegas A.Mar 10, 1999 2:02 am 
Andrew McNaughtonMar 10, 1999 5:36 am 
Subject:Re: Req:Music DTD(?)
From:Andrew McNaughton (
Date:Mar 10, 1999 5:36:47 am

Hello to all, I'm currently working on a xml-based sequencer, and I would like to see some music notation DTDs, before I start to write my own. I've searched the web high and low... no luck so far, so and I was wondering if any of you guys have any pointer I could use.

You need a new search engine. I've recently been using with results an order of magitude better than what I got from altavista (though altavista still has it's place for more complex query definitions).

Try this url:

Andrew McNaughton

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with, I'm just impressed by their

-- ----------- Andrew McNaughton

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