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Subject:Re: [courier-users] "Notice: mail delivery status" messages sent to Postmaster on secondary MX delivery failures?
From:Sam Varshavchik (
Date:Jul 27, 2005 3:50:00 am

Greg Earle writes:

(1) Mail comes in to work/Courier server, destined for my home (2) Courier connects to my home server (currently Sendmail-based, with spamass-milter running to stop SPAM at the front door) (3) Home server recognizes SPAM and rejects it with a 5.7.1 (4) Courier sees the rejection, tries to Return To Sender with a DSN (5) Return To Sender DSN fails due to obviously bogus SPAM return address (6) Courier sends a new DSN with the transcript of the whole thing to the local Postmaster account (me, co-worker, our boss) (7) Boss and co-worker/officemate get peeved at me for filling their inboxes with bounced SPAM mails/DSNs for my home address

Is there any way to configure Courier to *not* generate DSNs for this kind of situation?

No. This is how SMTP is supposed to work.

You will have to either stop using a secondary MX, or reconfigure your spam filter to drop unwanted mail, instead of rejecting it.