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Subject:Re: [PHP-DOC] Documentation team editor request
From:Christopher Jones (
Date:May 21, 2015 11:20:24 am

On 5/21/15 3:08 AM, Peter Cowburn wrote:

Hi doc folks,

I would like to humbly volunteer myself for the role of "editor" for the
documentation team, following Philip's withdrawal.

They're big, beardy boots to fill, of course, but I'm up for stepping in to
those boots; to be the someone there to do (or maybe delegate) the various tasks beyond simply writing the docs that need to be done to keep the
documentation ball rolling.

I'd like to take a quote from Philip's request to become an editor, back in 2007
[1] as the words ring true for me today:

"The key is to have someone designated to do certain tasks, tasks that
aren't always the most fun to perform. The title "editor" is not something to take lightly and as editor I know personally I'd "forget" less and do more. And although my duties with the
<> project have spread into many areas, the PHP Manual is my #1 priority. And it needs more love."

The times they are a-changin' (to quote Bob Dylan), and particularly right now
we're just starting the big push towards (documenting) PHP 7. I'd like to commit to taking the helm for at least a year, if everyone is happy.

Please, give me your thoughts. Aye, or nay?