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Guillaume LaforgeMar 9, 2011 10:45 am 
Subject:[groovy-announce] Joint releases of Groovy 1.7.9 and the second release candidate of Groovy 1.8
From:Guillaume Laforge (
Date:Mar 9, 2011 10:45:43 am

Hi all,

The Groovy development team is pleased to announce the joint releases of Groovy 1.7.9 and the second release candidate for Groovy 1.8.

In those two releases, we essentially focused on bug fixes.

We'd appreciate if you could test this release candidate with your applications, to report any issue or regression you may find. Your help is needed and will be very much appreciated. Unless critical bugs or regressions are found, this second RC should be the last before the final release in a couple of weeks from now.

You can download Groovy 1.7.9 and Groovy 1.8-rc-2 here:

And have a look at the JIRA release notes:

- Groovy 1.7.9 release notes<> - Groovy 1.8-rc-2 release notes<>

Thanks for your help test driving that Release Candidate.