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Subject:Re: Change default Theme to Rainbow Saphir
From:Jacques Le Roux (
Date:Dec 1, 2017 11:49:23 am

This is done, the default theme in trunk is now Rainbow Saphir, see OFBIZ-9990

I have also updated

BTW it would be great if we could use the same logo everywhere and get rid of
old version at least in svn trunk It's a mess in general with images. There are 3 locations: svn repo, main site
and wiki. We should link as much as possible from our svn repo. I even wonder if we should
not ALWAYS link to it, even from the main site!

So having a copy of into a svg
file for use in Rainbow theme would be great For consistency reason it would be great to be renamed ofbiz-logo.svg and placed
in images for better shared access than in Rainbow images. Should I create a Jira for that? Will someone take care of that for R17 coming?




Some news about that:

I have created few related minor issues that I want to fix before moving on

I also want to update this page before

I'll before create a link to the current page as reference for releases prior to
the introduction of Common Theme

Also do we really need this obsolete page ?



I see that more and more the Rainbow theme is used in our demos.

I guess it's because It has 2 advantages:

1. Being initially based on Flat Grey it handles RTL languages (the only one
doing that with Flat Grey) 2. It's a modern theme, like others but Flat Grey (dropdown sub-menus etc.)

Now if we agree about the change we also need to determine which variations, I
personally prefer Saphir, (BTW in English should be Sapphire and we need to change that ;))

I have also just noticed one thing: if you set the Arab language it's difficult
(impossible?) to get back to another language w/ that theme. To be checked before creating a Jira for that...