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Noah SlaterJan 6, 2012 9:08 am 
Subject:The Future
From:Noah Slater (
Date:Jan 6, 2012 9:08:09 am

Dear Community,

As some of you may have already read, Damien Katz, Apache CouchDB’s original developer, has publicly announced that he intends to focus his time exclusively on developing other products for his company. Damien has had very little involvement in the CouchDB project for a year or more now, so, for many people, this is confirmation of what they already knew. We’re sorry to see him go, and wish him all the best in his new direction. We all owe him a huge debt of thanks for all the hard work he has put in over the years, and for his original vision of the project.

Our biggest strength has always been the breadth and depth of our community of developers and users. In the very near future, we’ll be voting in a new committer, appointing a new PMC member, sprucing up the website, and making a major new release. We’re happy to confirm that Cloudant has also publicly made a commitment to help contribute BigCouch to the CouchDB project. BigCouch, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of using it already, is a fault-tolerant, horizontally scalable clustering framework purpose-built for CouchDB.

Here’s to our future!