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Anne GentleAug 17, 2012 10:34 am 
Subject:[openstack-dev] [Docs] It's that time of the release!
From:Anne Gentle (
Date:Aug 17, 2012 10:34:25 am

Hi all - Now that we're in feature freeze period, it's a great time to look at what docs are needed for Folsom. You can help with documentation in several ways. Here are some ideas.

_Review docs_ Go to and review open patches on openstack-manuals. Daily, hourly, weekly, any cadence will help. We should be approving lots of changes quickly and patching patches to get as much truth out there as we can. [1]

_Write API docs and samples_ There are several doc bugs opened to enhance Compute API docs: Reboot, soft reboot: os-quotas admin extension: os-aggregates missing info: Pause, suspend missing info: server_diagnostics undocumented: deferred_delete undocumented: missing server_id in metadata call: migration missing information:

_Write API tests for samples_ Vish has a patchset for a templatized test integration for API samples, please help:

_New landing pages_ I've proposed a partial patch to update the landing pages, please review and enhance as you see fit.

_Work on a Comprehensive CLI guide_ Starting point is here:

_Make migration better to document_ One bug in particular points out how hard it is to understand live migration and migration. [2] Please review and analyze whether a name change would help? Not sure if it's in the realm of FFE but even good docs can't help much when the command is a misnomer.

_Work on an Operations Manual_ See [3] for the blueprint and an outline. We've been discussing on the openstack-doc list too. [4]

_Fix doc bugs_ See [5] for the list of doc bugs, assign yourself, propose a patch, change the world. Do it again.

If a team is interested in a doc sprint day, I'd be happy to organize, recruit, and write. Let me know.

PTLs, I believe I've been in touch with all of you for your "doc plan" for the release, but definitely reach out for clarity!

Thanks, Anne

1.,n,z 2. 3. 4. 5.