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Subject:Re: Connect phone to Telstra NextG using Ubuntu?
From:Blake Munro (
Date:Oct 31, 2007 7:21:36 pm

Hi Jean,

That is correct. You don't need another ISP, as you are not actually "dialling" as you were with the old CDMA phone.

Next G data is a single product, with Telstra being the ISP and also the phone network provider.

You simply dial *99# to establish the connection and then you are online immediately. It takes about 1 second to authenticate. The old technology was like WAP where you dialled a number and were charged for time.

Next G has two models of pricing available, one being time charged and the other being data charged.

Sorry I don't have much more idea about bluetooth



On 11/1/07, Jean Hollis Weber <> wrote:

Blake, thanks for the response.

So I don't dial iinet at all, is that what you're saying? I vaguely remember something similar from using my CDMA phone for data several years ago, but at that time my internet account was with Bigpond. Although I wrote in my earlier note that I'd used CDMA to access iinet, I was mis-remembering.

Thanks for the reminder about the data-pack. I hope I can put it on for a few months and then take it off again, because my outback travel tends to be very seasonal.

Any other tips gratefully accepted, for example how to get Bluetooth up and running.

Cheers, Jean

Blake Munro wrote:

Hi Jean,

Once you have the bluetooth up and running, create a dial up connection that dials *99# You don't need a username or password, leave IP settings to DHCP. That should be all you need to do.

Be careful and make sure you arrange for Telstra to put a data-pack on your account first that suits your needs or you'll be paying huge $$ per mb.

Cheers Blake

On 10/31/07, *Jean Hollis Weber* < <>> wrote:

Hello, I have a Nokia 6120classic, a NextG account with Telstra, an internet account with iinet, and Bluetooth on both my computer and the phone. At home I have ADSL (so I don't need the phone to connect) but when travelling in the outback I used to access the internet using a CDMA phone as a modem (with a serial connection) and iinet's dial-up number. Now I want to use my Nokia phone as a dial-up modem with the Bluetooth connection.

I run Ubuntu 7.10. All the posts I've found on the Whirlpool site about the Nokia6120 not surprisingly say "It's easy, just use the PC suite software" which of course is Windows only. Not much help!

Can anyone help me? (Can it be done?) Note: I can use a command line and edit config files if I have to, but otherwise I am really a dummy when it comes to a lot of this stuff, so if someone could explain in really simple terms to me what I need to do, I would be very grateful. Thanks!