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Andrew StormsSep 8, 2008 8:33 am 
Jille TimmermansSep 8, 2008 9:07 am 
Jeremy ChadwickSep 8, 2008 9:18 am 
Simon L. NielsenSep 9, 2008 1:49 pm 
Subject:Question on recent PHP VuXML info
From:Andrew Storms (
Date:Sep 8, 2008 8:33:49 am

Not sure if this is the correct place for VuXML questions, but the FreeBSD VuXML list ( looks pretty dead given the last update was in 2007 according to the archives.

We were previously tracking this entry, which pretty much sat for a while without an applicable upgradeable resolution available.

Affected package: php5-posix-5.2.6 Type of problem: php -- input validation error in posix_access function. Reference: < .html>


Then late last week, the same VuXML ID started reporting this information instead:

Affected package: php5-5.2.6 Type of problem: php -- input validation error in safe_mode. Reference: < .html>


The generic question I'm asking is: What happened and why? Seems to me that if you have a VuXML ID (which, I thought wasn't suppose to be re-used), then it's name and description shouldn't just apparently change one day.

So is the prior "php5-posix-5.2.6" and the now "php5-5.2.6" with same ID, the same bug, a new description, does the newer supercede, etc, etc? Where can I get the background on what went on here?