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Subject:[Bug 496301] Re: Add Ubuntu Netbook Edition session
From:Didier Roche (
Date:Dec 15, 2009 1:38:11 am

Thanks Loïc to have a look at those two patches.

IIRC in posix, ";;" is not compulsory if you have only one case (it's just
"stopping the current case before the next one). Furthermore doesn't use it. If you wish, I still can add it, just tell me.

Regarding your questions: - after discussing yesterday with pitti about it, it's obvious that those files
aren't really conffiles. It made little sense to the user to change them and
most of users should'nt have done that. - if sysadmin wants it to be started in a normal GNOME session (or Xfce or
<whatever>), I guess we shouldn't remove his/her added .desktop autostart file
each time they upgrade netbook-launcher. So, the version comparison is a little
over-engineering compared to issues/bugs we can get without it. - Even though we don't really user to change them, if it's the case, the file is
renamed netbook-launcher.desktop.dpkg-new and so, not started at the session
logon (I tested it when preparing the patch).

I think it's ready to be sponsored (I susbcribed u-m-s yesterday evening and I can see it, have I done something wrong?), but I can add this optional ';;' if you prefer.

FYI, seb thinks that we could handle it differently in the future (with gconf keys), removing those .desktop file. This first step enable experiencing une session in parallel than a regular desktop session and we'll see if improvement have to be done.