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Subject:Re: Code to add
From:joe t. ("
Date:Aug 12, 2009 9:02:36 am

Allen, Good point, and per your email, another good point on the early return statements in mine. i based that on a model i saw in other examples, intended to prevent calling Prototype methods on elements that don't exist (i.e. $('elementID') returns undefined).

On Aug 12, 10:26 am, Allen <> wrote:

Just to clarify, the 4 visibility values are visible, hidden, collapse, and inherit. IE does not support collapse and inherit. As long as you don't use collapse and inherit, then you will experience no problems. However, to be future compatible there would need to be some sort of support in how collapse and inherit are handled.

On Aug 12, 10:17 am, "joe t." <> wrote:

Allen makes a good point on distinct method names, but i had my mutation of these written before i knew better, and mine simply wrap the existing methods and look for a "truthy" argument to indicate using visibility instead of display. Also, mine use my CSS class names for the visibility switch:

Element.addMethods({   hide:Element.Methods.hide.wrap(function(proceed,element,visibility){     if (!(element = $(element))) {return;}     if (!visibility) {return proceed(element);} // Aliased call to original hide() method     else {return element.addClassName('invisible');} // Could also be"hidden";   }),,element,visibility){     if (!(element = $(element))) {return;}     if (!visibility) {return proceed(element);} // Aliased call to original show() method     else {return element.removeClassName('invisible');} // Could also be"visible";   })


Interesting that there are others out there attempting this kind of patch, but Allen's point about IE does make it tricky. So far, these have worked for me in IE and others. -joe t.

On Aug 12, 12:12 am, PhilPantin <> wrote:

Bonjour, J'ai ajouté ce code à mon prototype, je pense qu'il pourrait être utile, mais les procédures traditionnelles (git et cie) sont un peu complexes pour moi. Merci si quelqu'un peut transmettre. Et longue vie à Prototype !

Hi, I had this code to my prototype, I think it could be usefull, but  the way to had it in the frameword by git and co are a little difficult to me. Thanks if a awesome person could transmit. Have fun with Prototype ! (sorry for my english)

In Element.Methods : (même noms que pour display, avec "v" au bout pour "visibility") (same names as for display, with "v" at the end, "v" for "visibility")

[code]         /*--                 Todo:   To toggle the visibility the same way as display         --*/         togglev: function(element) {                 element=$(element);                 Element[Element.visiblev(element) ? 'hidev' : 'showv'](element);                 return element;         },         visiblev: function(element) {         return $(element).style.visibility != 'hidden';         },         hidev: function(element) {                 element = $(element);        = 'hidden';                 return element;         },         showv: function(element) {                 element = $(element);        = 'visible';                 return element;         }, [/code]