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Subject:Re: More issues with 5.0 RC4
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Date:Apr 27, 2011 9:35:04 am

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This morning I discovered a couple new issues with my 5.0 RC4 install. 1) My tag cloud isn't working on my site. When I hit the following link, I don't get any errors in my log, but it results in a 404. Any ideas?

That probably means that you don't have a tag index page in your side, or something the page you do have became "unmarked" as a tags index page. If that's the case, it would be very nice to know why that happened so we can fix it before release.

Is this a servlet that should be in web.xml?

No. In a custom theme, there are four types of template actions that you can create (weblog, permalink, search, tagsIndex and custom). For the "/blog/tags/tag" form of URL, then you need one template that is the tagIndex template.

Unfortunately, Roller does not display the name of a template's action anywhere so it is hard to tell which templates are which actions. Please check the "webpage" table and see if you have a template with action of "tagsIndex."

So I'm guessing this is a change b/w 4 and 5? In 4, I think clicking on tags just showed the user the regular weblog template with filtered entries. My theme does not have a tagIndex, but I'm guessing I can add a new XML entry that points to Weblog.vm.

... waits 5 minutes and tries it ...

Yep, that worked.


2) It looks like some of my blog entries are truncated. For example:

Is there something in the import script that might've truncated my

entries when I re-imported all of them?

Which import script are you talking about? I was not aware (or forgot) that we have an importer in Roller.

I'm talking about the db upgrade script. I had issues upgrading my

database (MySQL 3.x) and ended up changing to a 5.x database. However, it looks like something got lost when I imported my 3.x database into 5, so I'm wondering if there's a length on the weblogentry.text field that might've chopped off content. Or maybe mysqldump did it when exporting. I'm not sure. I'm working with my hosting provider to try and see if there's a MySQL Diff tool I can use to see what entries need refreshing from my old database.

That is scary. There is no limit on the blog entry content field size, we declare it as type "text" which is an unlimited CLOB type. I guess it is possible that something went wrong with MySQL dump or import commands, but I'd expect those tools to be pretty rock solid by none. I hope have the dump files that you exported.