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CamJul 18, 2005 3:16 pm 
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Subject:[courier-users] which authentication module?
From:Cam (
Date:Jul 18, 2005 3:16:50 pm


I'm still trying to plan out my courier mail setup. Right now i'm trying to figure out which authentication module i want to use. I really like the looks of the userdb stuff (really what i'm looking for is a way to give people mail accounts w/out giving them real user/shell accounts). so userdb looks perfect in that respect. I've also thought about ldap authentication... i don't really know anything about ldap, but i've heard it's very scalable (from the docs i've read on it seems that multiple servers can balance the load). The setup i have going on here looks like it could get fairly large (maybe 200,000 users in the long term), but i'm not sure if that justifies ldap or not (especially since i have no existing ldap directory). Anyway, it looks like courier is able to handle multiple authentication schemes quite nicely, so maybe i could go w/ userdb at first and then if necessary add ldap at a later date. Are my assumptions wrong?