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Patrizio De MicheleNov 17, 2009 9:31 am 
Subject:how could I...?
From:sindroide (
Date:Nov 13, 2009 6:01:19 pm

hello everyone! I have some panels added into one accordion panel and one Store with jsonReader and dataProxy (this is a ScriptTagProxy class because i'm retrieving data from cross site domain). My question is how could I setHtml to panels depending on wich was expanded? I mean .. I added PanelListenerAdapter to panels... and write method onExpaned... that is where i have to set the html retrieved on a json string... but as store.load() is asynchronous method i have to add StoreListenerAdapter to store ... in method onLoad() i can get my json string... so i can not tell wich panel i have set its html content... please help me with this... i've tring lot of things without success!

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