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Subject:[jira] [Commented] (PROTON-445) Binding installation ignores prefix
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Date:Dec 3, 2013 1:42:18 pm


ASF subversion and git services commented on PROTON-445:


Commit 1547597 from [~mcpierce] in branch 'proton/trunk' [ ]

PROTON-445: PHP install now honors the install prefix.

If the install prefix is not "/usr" then the INI directory is placed below it. This is to accomodate a system install as opposed to a developer install.

Binding installation ignores prefix


Key: PROTON-445 URL: Project: Qpid Proton Issue Type: Bug Components: proton-c Affects Versions: 0.5 Reporter: Justin Ross Fix For: 0.6

Attachments: what-a-mess.txt

It allows you *prepend* to the install prefix, but it gives you no way afaict to
actually change the prefix. This is the opposite of nice. If you set a prefix for your build *and* you try
to get your bindings slotted in with them, via DESTDIR, you get this: # cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/opt/myplace
/var/tmp/jross/baker/proton/source # make install DESTDIR=/opt/myplace /opt/myplace/usr/lib/python/*python files* /opt/myplace/opt/myplace/lib/*c files* ^^ Note "/opt/myplace/opt/myplace", the first from DESTDIR, the second from
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX What it is doing now is simply abuse of DESTDIR. DESTDIR is intended to be a
mechanism for staged installs (packaging systems use this), and it cannot
function correctly as an override for prefix. My proposed solution to this is to stop this madness: make the binding install
honor CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. Let the developer be responsible for choosing the
right location for his or her distribution.