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Subject:[esper-dev] [jira] Created: (ESPER-296) EPL 'not like' expressions in prepared statements lose negation
From:Mitch (JIRA) (
Date:Oct 18, 2008 6:17:19 am

EPL 'not like' expressions in prepared statements lose negation


Key: ESPER-296 URL: Project: Esper Issue Type: Bug Components: Core Affects Versions: 2.2 Reporter: Mitch

The reference manual states that EPL supports: test_expression [not] like pattern_expression but the negation is lost from prepared statements, leading to incorrect events
being processed. Happens in filters or where clauses as followin gsnipped shows

com.espertech.esper.client.EPPreparedStatement eps = admin.prepareEPL("select *
from TEST(created not like 'foo%')"); com.espertech.esper.client.EPStatement statement = admin.create(eps); System.out.println("negation lost!: " + statement.getText());