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Anne GentleOct 3, 2012 2:43 pm 
Subject:[Openstack] What's up doc? Oct 3 2012
From:Anne Gentle (
Date:Oct 3, 2012 2:43:32 pm

Hi all - Welcome to doc land, where grammarians reign and roam.

Had a good discussion yesterday at the project team meeting about defining "done" for documentation. While projects need to have all Critical/High bugs addressed, it's difficult to define what makes a release-critical doc issue. As I said in the meeting, I've been mentally reducing importance of some (so that they are no longer release-blocking) but perhaps need to mark them as so in Launchpad. All that to say, we will keep working on docs until after the Design Summit and not cut a "release" for at least another 3-4 weeks.

1. In review and merged this past week: Added Fedora install instructions for Quantum. Many additions to Quantum admin documentation this week. Added an all-in-one Folsom install on Ubuntu 12.04 as an appendix to the Install / Deploy guide. New sitemap.xml should alleviate some of the Google search results oddities we've seen. Added "More releases..." link to docs landing pages. CLI guide is no longer one long page. Image API doc updates for 1.1.

2. High priority doc work: Need volume docs, both an API document and how to configure different storage backends. I know the Cinder team is well aware of this need. Install/deploy guide improvements to get people running Folsom - waiting packages but pointing to Ubuntu Cloud Archive in the docs now.

3. Doc work going on that I know of: Working on clarification on scripted setup for users, roles, tenants, and services. Bug logged for the keystone script at . Doc patch ready for review at:

4. New incoming doc requests: Bugs being logged against the install/deploy guide as more people try to get Folsom going. Big uptick in visitors to API-related docs.

5. Doc tools updates: Expecting 1.6.0 Maven plugin to land soon. Watch for updates.

6. Other doc news: Reviewing summit proposals for the Documentation track.