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andrea diamantiniDec 11, 2012 9:12 am 
Subject:[rekonq] rekonq2 project
From:andrea diamantini (
Date:Dec 11, 2012 9:12:30 am

Hi all,

I'm near to merge in the default rekonq repository the rekonq2 code. It's just there since now in a "rekonq2-master" branch published now. It basically "splits/breaks" rekonq git history by starting with a "git rm src/" commit. Anyway, this has been discussed with the sysadmin team as the easiest way to merge these 2 projects.

It will be merged in master in the next days.

The initial idea was that of starting a new project from scratch reviewing a lot of the decisions made in the initial rekonq phase. But now, the need to simplify things (and make our and sysadmins life easier), I decided to merge the 2 projects in just one repo.

I'm going to branch out rekonq1 from where it is now, creating a "rekonq1-master" branch to ease history check. Don't know if someone has interest in forking a new project from there.

The so called "rekonq2" project is a branch of code born with the idea to re-organize rekonq code well, letting easier to create a webapp mode as it is now and to "prepare the road" for a switch to WebKit2/QML. Many features has been added in this "reorganization" with the most notables ones being a new tabs management, a native webapp mode, a reviewed incognito mode... and the tabs up UI!

Hope you like and continue participating to this funny thing called rekonq :)


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